Donald Trump Got Skewered By Rep. Liz Cheney During The Opening Hearing Of The January 6th Committee. With Facts Backed By Evidence, Cheney Exposed The Truth That Trump Knew He Lost The Presidency And Yet He Engaged In A 7 Step Plan To Overturn The Election By Spreading Lies And Threatening Or Firing Allies Who Would Lie For Him. We Saw Tape Of Former Attorney General William Barr Recounting How He Told Trump He Did Not Find Significant Fraud In The Election And Any Claims Of The Election Being Stolen Was,”Bullshit.” The Committee Also Aired A Taped Interview With Ivanka Trump Where She Said She Respected Barr And Believed His Findings.

With the acumen of a seasoned prosecutor, Rep. Liz Cheney presented a template of facts, evidence and proof that Donald Trump committed crimes against democracy from the night he lost the election up to the Jan. 6th insurrection. William Barr, Trump’s attorneys, Shawn Hannity, Ivanka Trump, over 60 federal judges and witnesses yet to appear told Trump he lost. However, his inability to relinquish power and cope with the reality of being the “loser” sent him in a spiral of lawless behavior that makes him vulnerable to be indicted for crimes against the US government. Cheney also repeatedly referred to the fact that Trump knew the attack at the Capitol was violent.during. she added that during the attack when the lives of VP Pence, Speaker Pelosi and Capitol and DC police were being threatened, Trump did not call on the National Guard, Homeland Security, the military, or any other form of help to stop the violence. Witnesses are expected to describe Trump’s enjoyment and support of the rioters during the violent insurrection. He was ok with the violence because it was a showing of. their love for him and their country. As Cheney repeated over again, Trump was and is unfit to ever have the power of the presidency again.

Trump attorney John Eastman came up with a corrupt plan to overturn the election, using strategies that perfectly aligned with Trump’s pathological lying and corrupt pursuit of power. Some of the plot included, 1) filing claims in federal courts claiming election fraud with no proof, 2) spreading the lie and using disinformation to convince his voters the lie was true, 3) attempted to insert fake state electors in swing states to award Joe Biden’s votes to him, 4) attempting to confiscate Dominion voter machines to tamper with them, 5) pressured Vice- President Mike Pence not to certify the electoral votes and block the peaceful transfer of power, 6) asked the Secretary State of Georgia to ” find” 11,780 votes, just enough to win the state by 1 vote more than Joe Biden. 7) When all other corrupt, dishonest attempts to steal the election, Trump would call his supporters to come to DC, the Capitol and “fight like hell” to save democracy. He lied saying he had evidence that democrats and Republican non- supporters of him stole his presidency from him and the.

Projections of acts he was committing and projected onto others to manipulate his base of white supremacist groups and gullible, illirates on the Constitution to believe the ” big lie”. The January 6th Committee has documentation on what Trump did to encourage his supporters to violently try to steal the presidency from Biden and give it back to him. Pundits who say none of this evidence will change the minds anyone who likes Trump couldn’t be more wrong. Trump fatigue has set in and fear of a tainted, delusional, petty, lying, power-hungry, dictator-loving autocrat is scary even for some Trump voters. Simple solution: support his indictment and find another Republican to support.

A federal judge in California has suggested John Eastman has committed federal crimes. It appears Donald Trump followed the plan closely and documented evidence building a case to indict him of severe federal crimes against our government. ” Stable and Genius” could not be more inaccurate about Donald Trump. He has bullied and scared people, which is how these transparent corrupt strategies have gone unpunished. However, the opening hearing of the Jan. 6th Committee is signaling a referral from them to Attorney General Merrick Garland. Constitution scholars agree that if he wimps out and doesn’t indict Trump and his accomplices, he is saying in America, the president is above the law. If that happens, we need to insist President Biden fire him. Sadly, out of weakness and concerns about criticism of partisan politics, democrats haven’t fought hard enough against Trump. However, this committee is on track to do just that.

,The play-it-safeonly foreign leaders that respect and support Trump are dangerous enemies of the United States. Why isn’t that a red flag for Republicans? Shouldn’t that fact concern all Americans? Democrats need to repeat, with evidence, Trump’s destructive behaviors, angry demeanor, and dysregulated, unfunny clownish demonstration of how a president should be. England took the chance and spoke the truth; Now, democrats have to go beyond the name-calling and go after justice with an abandoned commitment to democracy. Michelle Obama’s campaign strategy of “When they go low, we go high” was moral but failed. We are at war for our democracy, and our efforts cannot prioritize playing it safe over playing tough.

The most repeated phrase from Liz Cheney’s appearance at the hearing was:

Cheney’s courage to follow her values and patriotism has revealed how emasculated Republican men have become in their relationship with Trump.

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