“We The People”, Democrats, Republicans, And Independents Must Fight Together To Keep This Republic. The Enemy Is The MAGA Extremist, Neo- Nazi Wing Of The Republican Party. Non- MAGA Republicans Are Failing At Retaining The Traditions Of Democratic Conservatism. Democrats Are Disorganized And Inconsistent In Their Messaging About The Differences Between The Parties. MAGA Messaging Is Propaganda For White Supremacy, Autocracy, Racial Injustice, Voter Suppression, The End Of A Woman’s Right To Reproductive Freedom, Anti-Social Services For The Poor And Disabled, Unrestricted Gun Ownership Including Military Assault Weapons And For Violating The Constitution.

This picture should scare anybody who loves America. Every gesture or word spoken by Trump is a manipulative dog-whistle to please a base of voters who want to change the definition of what the American democracy stands for. The white Trump base doesn’t support immigration which is how America began. They want the country to be white, Christian and run forever by their party. Trump has formed a coalition of collaborators that are blatantly racist, autocratic and growing in numbers.
Trump has refused to call white supremacists bad people and to reject their alliance with him as a fellow racist. The pursuit of power by Republicans now requires an alliance with the racist ideology of white supremacy. Let’s get Senators Mitch Mc Connell, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul on camera on a daily basis being asked the question, ” what is the Republican plan for fighting white supremacist terrorism in America?” We already know Trump’s message: ” We love you”.
Maga Republicans blatantly admit they support violating the Constitution if it serves them politically or financially. Keeping Trump in power is their #1 policy because they want a Russia version of democracy, which means they want an autocratic America. Orin Hatch is dead, however his legacy of anti- democracy governing lives on.


  • Elise Stefanik, a MAGA extremist and #3 in the position of power in the House touts the “great replacement theory” that immigrants are intentionally replacing white people.” The majority of House Republicans agree or stay silent.
  • Trump came into power, attacked the presspoliticized the rule of lawthreatened to jail his opponentsdemonized minoritiespraised dictators abroadspread conspiracy theories and lies, and then sought to seize power despite losing an election. Republicans have embraced the autocrat and normalized anti-democratic practices.
  • Only 3 percent of Republicans support BLACK LIVES MATTER, and many Republicans oppose even peaceful protests for racial justice. Republicans in Congress refuse to vote in favor of police reform measures.
  • Pro-democracy groups identified 262 bills introduced in 41 states that hijack the election process. ( The Guardian, Dec. 20021). Republicans support giving the state legislatures power to overrule state elections chief and change the votes at their will. ( The Guardian, Dec 2022).
  • The Trump-stacked Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v Wade and criminalize women for seeking an abortion. Texas, Florida, Mississippi, and other red states pass bills to restrict and criminalize abortion, putting millions of women’s mental and physical health at risk.
  • Republicans like Senator Rick Scott support defunding Medicare and Social Security and other social programs needed by the poor, disabled, and minorities.
  • Senate Republicans are pushing for cuts to vital programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security as their answer to balancing the budget that ballooned due to the Trump tax cuts for the rich. (Forbes, April 2021).
  • Republicans believe that government regulation of firearms is mainly unconstitutional, and therefore, most gun laws are an infringement on the individual’s right to bear arms. Republicans refuse to place any restrictions on the extent of gun ownership for Americans despite the massive amount of gun violence in the country.
  • Republicans support Trump’s attempt to steal 2020 presidential with fake electors and try to get state election officials to change the vote.
  • Trump has committed provable crimes ( inciting an insurrection, violating the Presidential Protection Act, and profiting financially from being president). Republicans continue their silence and allegiance to Trump, making them complicit in any corrupt act. They support party and power over loyalty to the country and the Constitution.
The Trump Show is tiring, boring, anti- democracy and the “big lie” reality show is just embarrassing to America around the world.

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