It’s Time To Name The Names Of Republicans Who Are Inciting The Spread Of White Supremacist Terrorism In America. Senator Mitch McConnell And The Republican Party Refuse To Publicly Repudiate White Supremacy And Support Autocracy Over Democracy. Democrats Have To Scare The Hell Out Of Americans By Identifying The Alt- Right Racists In Our Government And The Conservative Media. Reps. Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Mo Brooks, Paul Gosar, Lauren Boebert, And Fox News Performer Tucker Carlson. The Media Should Sound The Alarm About Their Complicity In The Surge Of White Supremacist Hate-Crime Murders. Remember, Donald Trump Called For Immigration From White Countries And Bans On Black And Brown Immigrants.

Carlson is constantly delivering race-baiting hate messages on his Fox non-news shows and is considered by most non- MAGA extremists as the major media contributer to the rise in hate crimes in America. He repetitively talks about the myth of “white replacement theory that imagines immigrants and all minority races are intentionally replacing white people.” Tucker is the leading gaslighter of white fear politics as a strategy to rally the white-Christian Republican base in an America that is becoming more diverse. The difference between the growing diverse American population and MAGA white Americans is one has an agenda of hate, genocide, and cruelty (MAGA) and the other seeks equality, unity, and justice. The religion of the MAGA movement is a perversion of Christianity that consists of racism, irrational fears, hypocrisy and eventual self- destruction.

Additionally concerning is that Tucker Carlson is a fan and follower of Victor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary whose ideology diminishes democracy. Orban has eroded the functioning of the free press, reducing judicial independence and stands against a multi-party system of government. Carlson, Trump and MAGA politicians are attempting to do the same in America. Carlson has millions of white followers that he brainwashes into fearing and negatively judging minorities. Equality among all races and religions is not what Tucker Carlson is about as shown in his support of voter suppression laws which weakens the voter turnout of minorities.

Republican voters! What is the appeal of these immature, white supremacist aligned, crude, loud-mouthed, pro-insurrectionist people? They don’t belong in Congress. They promote the ” big lie,” supported installing fake electors to steal Biden’s electoral votes, speak disrespectfully to their colleagues, follow the Q’ Anon conspiracy theory, and violate the norms of Congress. Electing white-fear conspiracy theorists to Congress is a bad idea. Protecting a constitutional democracy is serious business. Clownish, hate- spewing, incompetent people who break their oath of office should not be allowed to make laws. These people are aligned with white supremacy ideology, and keeping them in the office is dangerous and anti-democratic.

In 2015, Rep. Matt Gaetz chose to ridicule the language and logic of a legal challenge that two black members of Congress presented in defense of Obamacare. Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke at an America First Political Action Conference, whiche supremacist group in Feb. of 2022. “The group engaged in some light Hitler praising and, before Marjorie spoke, was asked to give “a round of applause for Russia” before breaking into an enthusiastic chant of “Putin! Putin! Putin!” (USA, Rex Huppke, Feb. 2022). Rep. Lauren Boebert referred to Rep. Ilhan Omar as a ” terrorist”.

In March of 2022, CNN contributers Andrew Kaczynski and Em Steck reported that Rep. Paul Gosar, “the far-right Arizona lawmaker, has boosted the profiles of local antisemites, attended a conference organized by a prominent White nationalist, and repeatedly shared content from a Holocaust denial website.”

Democrats need to become more aggressive in their public resistance to the MAGA/Trumpism movement. They need to constantly name the names of members of Congress who make racist comments, lie about a stolen election without providing evidence, believe in mentally-ill conspiracy theories, break laws, norms, and rules and offer no substantive policies that address the needs of the average American. The Republican party wants power more than they want democracy. Their public dialogue cannot be trusted. They criticize President Biden and democrats, and the media lets them get away with offering no solutions. This lack of expectation for these officials to govern has become normalized and is tearing our country apart. Republican voters have to find other candidates in their party to support, or our democracy will mirror the autocracy of Hungary and Russia.

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