The MAGA Republican Party Has Become Paranoid, Racist, Dishonest And Autocratic. Fox Non-Journalist Performer Tucker Carlson And Former One-Term President Donald Trump Are Major Spreaders Of The Ultra-Nationalist “Replacement Theory” Which Espouses The Belief That Democrats Are Plotting To Replace White American Voters With Immigrants Of Color. The White Fear- Mongering GOP Believes The Plot Is To Alter The Voting Demographics In This Country To Ensure Republicans Will Be Unelectable. Tucker Carlson Republicans Are Relying On MAGA Extremist Disinformation To Promote A White Supremacist Counter Movement To Fight Being “Replaced”.

Americans of all colors need to unite to defend democracy. MAGA politics have neutered the Republican party. Traditional conservatives outnumber MAGA extremists, yet they have not organized and risen to reclaim their voices.
One in three American adults now believe that an effort is underway “to replace native-born Americans with immigrants for electoral gains,” according to an Associated Press poll released this month.”Republicans and conservative media are inciting fear and violence in white Americans by calling immigration the Democratic party’s attempt to diminish the white population out of the majority. This divisive rhetoric is increasing the killing of black Americans and Jews.
Trump supported Israel for political reasons, however he did nothing to protect Jews from white supremacy groups and anti-Semitic hate-speech and violence.. An actual ” big lie” is Trump promotes white fear and hatred for political gain, and people die. He called the Nazi’s “good people” and he told the insurrectionists, ” we love you, you’re special.” Winning votes and power are all the agenda Trump and MAGA leadership cares about.

Carlson lies about democrats wanting open borders as part of his narrative that instills fear and hatred in white people towards non- white Christians.  Democrats want to follow immigration laws that support legal immigration policies over cruel, illegal deportations. The Republican definition of ” open borders” is letting anyone into the country that isn’t white Christian.
Trump will support violent, hate-filled Nazi’s over black Americans peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights. The Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and One- Percenters love Trump because shows cruelty and disdain for people of color.  Most Americans used to believe Nazi’s have no place in our society. Now the MAGA Republican party and conservative media  call them ” good people” who are exercising their free speech. However, Black Lives Matter protests warranted military intervention. White supremacy groups have been invited into the mainstream of society by racist policies,  white nationalism, and elitist rhetoric.

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