The Passion Republicans Show For Individual Freedoms Is A Cover-Up For Their Attempt To Destroy It. Their Hypocrisy Is Dangerous. Republicans Like Ron DeSantis Support Nazi’s Right To Free Speech, But Not Disney’s. They Call Any Restraints On 2nd Amendment Rights Anti-Constitutional And Call The Free Press “The Enemy Of The People” (Used By Dictator Joseph Stalin), While They Support Censorship Of Educational Curriculum And Punishing Private Industry For Expressing Their Opinions On Political Issues. This Is Totalitarian And Signals A Dangerous Corruption Of The Republican Party Which Is Threatening The Survival Of The American Version Of Democracy. 

This fact blatantly reveals the hypocrisy of Republicans on preserving free speech and their support of white nationalism. The pattern of outrage and opposition GOP politicians show on issues that affect non- white Americans is the antithesis of America’s view of freedom and equality.
Republican voters, especially Trump supporters, whine about being called dumb and gullible, however what else explains why someone supports and trusts hypocritical politics? Isn’t support for one ideology and one leader over all others a dictatorship? The downfall of the current Republican party is coming because their attempts at censoring the views of others that don’t align with theirs is going to fail in the courts. The majority of Americans won’t allow this hypocritical, unconstitutional, anti-freedom, Christian-extremist political ideology to take over our democracy.
The philosophy of selective freedoms based on religion or political ideology is NOT a democracy. Supporters of the alt-right version of Republicanism should admit they support autocracy as long as their party leads it. Republican religious extremists think their interpretation of Christianity’s stance on when life begins permits them to take away the fundamental right of women to make decisions about their reproductive rights without government interference.
Republican Bobby Jindal, like Melania Trump, are hypocrite about immigration. Both of them and their families benefitted from US immigration laws, yet they want to deny asylum seekers a path to residency or citizenship. These two hypocrite are epitome of elitism. Another hypocritical stance the republicans hold about immigration is they apply more positive narratives and liberal laws to immigrants from white countries vs. brown countries. Remember Trump’s comment that the US should have more immigrants from Scandinavian countries after referring to African nations as “shitholes.”

Exposing America’s Biggest Hypocrites: Evangelical Christians

“It’s okay to pray as long as you pray.” This opinion piece appeared in the HuffPost in 2016 and exposed the hypocrisy inherent in this group of Americans. The evangelicals and other segments of Christian Americans contradict the basic teachings of Jesus. The words they use in the name of Jesus don’t match their actions. The article pointed out contradictions such as:

  • They espouse the importance of family values, yet supported Donald Trump’s candidate Roy Moore who was accused of preying on 14 year old girls
  • 72% of evangelicals say immoral leaders can still lead lead ethically as long as they are pro abstinence, anti- LGBTQ, and anti-abortion.
  • They over-looked Donald Trump’s adultery, credible accusations of sexual assault, and his attitude of “grabbing women by the pussy” being acceptable behavior.
  • Jesus talked about helping the poor, the disabled, and the suffering. Republican Christian extremists support millionaire politicians who practice bigotry, oppose social programs who help the disadvantaged
  • Christians talk about compassion and ” loving thy neighbor” while they support the cruel politics towards immigrants

It may take a total Republican takeover of our government for Christian extremists to realize their values, lifestyle, and freedoms meant nothing to Trump. The MAGA movement used them to gain power, not promote a Jesus- based America. Being an extremist believer of any ideology results in the dumbing down of society. If Christians read the Constitution, they would know America is not a Christian country, the separation of church and state is built into our government, and ” all people are created equal.” If you love Trump’s “America First” slogan so much, follow the Constitution. Hypocrisy is demeaning the Church and will eventually lessen its value and influence. The excellent religion could have offered society is dying in the age of Trump. Cult leaders don’t end well, and neither do their teachings and followers.

A hypocritical politician who uses religious-based politics to dupe Christians for their votes.

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