On Holocaust Remembrance Day Yesterday, Jews Around The World Memorialized The Six Million Jews Who Died In Hitler’s Concentration Camps. In Israel, On Yom Hashoah, Torches Were Lit And The Prime Minister, President And Chief Rabbi’s Recited Prayers In Honor Of The Victims Of The Nazis. In Poland, Mourners Marched Between The Auschwitz And Birkenau Death Camps. American Jews Wept For The Six Million But Also Because The Republican Party Is Being Led By A White Nationalist, Anti-Semitism Is At An All-Time High, And Nazi’s Feel Free To Chant “Jews Will Not Replace Us” And Feel Emboldened By Trump’s Support.

On April 27th, ceremonies are held around the world to remember those who perished in the death camps in Germany, Poland and other European countries during World War II. Flags are lowered, prayers are recited, ashes of those who perished are buried and tears care shed. From these observances, Jews commit to continue the fight against anti-Semitism and the threat to the survival of Israel as the homeland of the Jews.

After the election of Donald Trump and since his defeat, the rise of white nationalist activity in mainstream conservative politics has reminded American Jews that Nazism is alive in the US as part of Trump’s base of supporters. During the Jan. 6th insurrection, members of the Trump mob wore t-shirts with anti-Jewish sayings while attacking the Capitol with a level of hatred and white supremacy reminiscent of Hitlers reign of terror.

Why have white supremacists and Nazis become so emboldened since Trump became president? Did it begin when his initial policies signaled “if your not white, Trump doesn’t want you around”. The Muslim ban, the lockdown at the border of “brown people”, the Charlottesville Nazi march comment, ” there were good people on both sides” and the vilification of the Black Lives Matter movement were dog-whistles that encouraged anti-Semites to openly express hatred towards non-white, non- Christians. American Jews have been gaslit by Trump’s support of Israel. He espouses support for Israel and yet has the audacity to signal the white supremist group the Proud Boys to ” stand back and stand by” during the presidential debates. He is revered by Jew- hating groups and yet to retain their support of his political goals, he down not denounce them with the same passion and frequency as President Biden.
The anti- Semite group the Proud Boys and other white nationalist groups showed up for Trump at the Capitol Bldg on Jan. 6th. Many were wearing merchandise celebrating the Holocaust and using violence to stop the peaceful transfer of power. During the insurrection, Trump was observed by White House staff to be enjoying the violence in honor of him. He did not denounce the anti-Semitism that was on display by many of his supporters. Trump’s disdain for immigrants and refugees is just one of many signs that he is racist. Eliminating as many non-white people from America has gotten the attention of groups who’s main target of hatred are Jews. Being blatantly anti- Semitic would destroy any US politicians career. However, Trump is skilled at covert bigotry and doesn’t seem that bothered when violent crimes against Jews occur. Silence in the midst of wrongdoing shows tolerance for it.
America will reject white nationalist ideology in the mid-terms as it defeated it by not re-electing Donald Trump. The Jews will shine the light on bigoted hatred in politics circulating like cancer through the Republican party.

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