Bashing Joe Biden Has Become The Republicans Only Policy And Strategy For The Mid-Term Elections. It’s A Technique To Distract Voters From Realizing That Their Party No Longer Stands For Anything Besides Power And Marginalizing Women’s Rights And Every American Citizen And Legal Resident Who Is Not A White Christian. The Far-Right Controls The Party And It’s Nazi- Like Ideology Is Being Enabled By Traditional Republicans. Democrats Must Employ Strategies That Scare All Americans Away From Putting A White Nationalist Party In Power. The DOJ Must Start Indicting, Or Attorney General Garland Should Be Fired.

In Since Trump’s candidacy and presidency, there has been a record-breaking resurgence in anti-Semitic crime, anti- black rhetoric, anti-immigrant ideology, and anti- LGBTQ legislation. The rhetoric from the far- right paired with the opportunistic silence of traditional Republicans is transforming America into a white nationalist country. The humanitarian crisis that women and minorities are suffering under the Trumpism movement is an atrocity. The dead bodies in the streets in Ukraine are not the only form of human atrocity taking place in the world. Taking away the rights of non- white people while emboldening the rights and agendas of white Christians is white nationalism. Any country that kills the spirit, dignity, equality and identity of another human being is approaching Nazi ideology.


  • Trump on Mexcian immigrants. ” These people have problems. They are bringing crime, drugs, and their rapists.”
  • Trump in Charlottesville at the Nazi rally: “There are good people on both sides.”
  • Trump’s call to the Proud Boys racist group to,” Stand back and stand by”.
  • Trump calling African countries, ” shithole countries.”
  • Trump calls black lives matter supporters ” thugs” and orders his staff to “bust some heads”.
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene declared, ” yellow people” love Trump.
  • Greene blames the California wildfires on a Jewish wealthy banking family, the Rothchilds, claiming they funded space lasers to create the fires. ( Anti-Semitic/ looney lady).
  • Rep. Lauren Boebert refers to Rep. Ilhan Omar as a “terrorist.”
  • Governor Ron De Santis signs the anti- LGBTQ legislation, “don’t say gay” law.
  • A noose was chosen symbol of racist hatred at the Capitol on Jan. 6 during the inresurrection. The Trump mob made up of predominantly members of white nationalist groups chose the most racist visual possible to herald their bigotry.
  • White middle aged male Trump supporters were found guilty of voter fraud in the 2020 election and received probation instead of jail. A young black woman who used a provisional ballot to vote mistakenly thinking she was eligible to vote was sentenced to 5 years in jail.

Far-right Republicans control the party. They are skilled at demonizing any culture that is non-white. They effectively scare the uneducated, racist portion of their base by blaming immigrants and non-whites for the potential loss of the white race and the extinction of Christian values. The fear-mongering includes demonizing immigrants and other minorities by describing them as dangerous criminals and enemies of democracy. Although there is no truth to such depictions, the alt-right Trump-led movement has gaslighted people to believe non-whites are a danger to their families.

Some strategists advise going gentle on MAGA proponents so not to anger or alienate them. That hasn’t worked. Democrats and independents see the white nationalist movement’s presence in mainstream politics as the end of democracy and are longer willing to worry about the feelings of Trump supporters. There has been too much pandering to Trump because he was president and too much oxygen given to the racist ideology of his base. Democrats need to motivate the millennials, Gen Xers, black and brown communities, college graduates and women to vote and MAGA candidates will end up in the junk pile of American history where they belong.

If the threat of overturning Roe v Wade, discriminating against LGBTQ Americans, promoting voter suppression bills, spreading conspiracy theories and disinformation, voting against police reform and racism isn’t enough to get democrats to vote, then the party has become as useless to democracy as the Republican party. The RNC announced this week its decision that Republican candidates for president will not participate in public debates. This action is proof they have no credible plan to offer the American people. They don’t want to risk letting Americans know they have no helpful policy ideas on healthcare, childcare, worker rights, police reform, voter suppression, eliminating misinformation and propaganda-based politics, and controlling the pandemic. As Mitch McConnel said, “the Republicans will not be discussing their political plan until after the mid-terms. What are they hiding? A party that won’t share what policies they are planning to propose for America is not the party looking to benefit the average American.

Tweet by Jill Wine- Banks, former Watergate prosecutor

“Many, including me, have excused or explained past #Garland decisions, but if he decides insurrection is part of @RepMoBrooks job, I will want him to resign.” Wine-Banks has started the DOJ has more evidence than was available to prosecutors during the Watergate scandal. Her opinion as a prosecutor, along with many Constitutional authorities, is calling on Merrick Garland to indict. Garland is a judge, not a prosecutor and maybe prosecuting an insurrection is out of his wheelhouse. If so, he should step down, as the crimes are documented on video, text messages, and at rallies. An attorney general who doesn’t act on such blatant evidence is derelict in his duty. A weak DOJ is a threat to democracy.

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