Despite President Biden’s Struggling Poll Numbers, The Mid-term Results Will Probably Favor Decency And Competence Over Conspiracy Theories, Q’Anon Candidates, And Power-Hungry Hypocrites. The Anonymity Of The Ballot Will Allow For Republican Voters To Reject The Dangerous Ideology Of MAGA Trumpism Without Facing Retaliation From Partisan, Fake Patriots. Joe Biden Inherited A Financially Trashed, Morally Compromised, And Politically Corrupted America. He Didn’t Run For President To Feed His Ego With Poll Numbers And Make Money Off The Country Like The One- Term Defeated Former Guy.

Republican voters should stop listening to the  fake, Russia-friendly Tucker Carlson for 30 minutes and read the facts about what Joe Biden has accomplished after one-year as president. It is true, that some of the facts listed won’t reflect the much loved racism, anti-immigrant, anti-women’s rights, pro-rich ideology of Donald Trump’s base, however it will reflect political competence, American values, commitment to traditional democracy, government
transparency and equality for all. (Download the image to expand and read)

The Republicans lost all three branches of government after Trump’s disastrous term that brought decency to an all-time low and democracy to the brink of failing. The traditional  Republican party has been willing to accept Trump”s corrupt view of America because they care more about their jobs and power than the country. People like this should not be allowed to hold government office. Authentic public servants perform their duties by adhering to ethical standards and the rule of law. Insecure individuals are weak and corruptable and the cowering GOP Congress must filled with lawmakers with low self-esteem.

This Republican party is treating Joe Biden’s presidency like they treated Barack Obama’s administration. Obstructionism is their goal. Power is what defines them. America is weakened by extreme division between the parties and regional differennced, and yet Republicans are seeking to become the majority party by sowing hate and fear in it’s white religious base. The reality is if millennials, blacks and Latinos, the disabled, the elderly, women, and the LGBTQ community turn out and vote, Trump, Desantis, Abbott, Gaetz, Hawley, McConnell, Graham, Cruz, and the rest of the far-right MAGA enemies of our democracy will get slaughtered at the polls.


  • An raging pandemic which was killing thousands of Americans daily
  • A campaign downplaying the danger of the virus resulting in anti-mask, anti- vaccination movements
  • A shortage of public health protection gear
  • A divided, hostile government
  • A conspiracy theory that the presidential election was fraudulent and stolen leading
  • A deadly insurrection against certifying the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s win
  • A increase in white supremist group violence
  • An extreme escalation of anti-Semitic activity
  • An historic loss of jobs
  • An dramatic increase in the national debt and deficit
  • The normalization of Russian-like disinformation and propaganda

Thank God Trump was booted out of office. President Biden is competently and compassionately leading the United States’ reaction to the atrocities Putin is inflicting on the people of Ukraine. He strongly denounces Putin’s invasion and has not been afraid to call him a “war criminal” and a “butcher.” Conversely, the wannabe strongman Trump is still complimenting Putin and even solicited him to help find dirt on Hunter Biden. Anyone who says they love America cannot vote for a Putin lover unless they want to be seen as an enemy of America’s standing as a beacon of democracy.

American voters! We cannot have a president who is friends with a murderous dictator who hates America. Republicans must snap out of denial and realize Donald Trump is a salesman, and he espouses a perverted narrative of what it means to be a true American patriot. There are plenty of conservative candidates representing traditional Republican values to vote for instead of this boring, simple-minded, incompetent, dangerous faux patriot.

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