President Biden Visited Our Troops Of The 82nd Airborne Division Stationed In Poland To Thank Them For The Humanitarian Support They Are Providing To Ukraine Refugees. Biden, Who Is A Gold Star Family Member, Reminisced With The Troops About His Deceased Son Beau’s Military Service. The President Demonstrated His Deep Respect For And Thanks To The Servicemen For Their Patriotism. This President Has Never Disparaged Any Man Or Woman Who Has Served In The Military In Any Capacity. In Contrast, The Former Guy Used The Military As A Political Prop And Openly Disparaged Servicemen Who Got Captured Or Killed.

The compassionate, affable President Biden shared pizza and laughs with our troops stationed in Poland. He also spoke to them with a severe tone when acknowledging the devastation and suffering the Ukrainian people are enduring. During his emergency trip to Brussels to meet with NATO leaders, members of the EU, and G-7, Biden’s leadership and steady demeanor led to agreements on additional sanctions on Russia and increased weaponry.
The one-term, twice impeached, federally investigated former President Trump consistently disparaged American war hero and long-term Senator John McCain. Trump’s claim to love the military is ” fake news”. His aggressive nature attracts him to the power of military force, like a little boy who is enamored with his toy gun and plastic army men. He also disparaged a Gold Star family because they opposed his racist rhetoric and used the military for a political stunt during the Black Lives Matter demonstrations..

During a trip to France during his presidency, Trump did not visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery citing two reasons that were lies. Jeff Goldberg reported in a September 3, 2020 article in Atlantic Magazine reported Trump declared the helicopter wouldn’t fly and the secret service refused to drive him. However, four eyewitnesses cited Trump saying, “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.” When it came time for him to serve our country, this big loser of the 2020 presidential election used a phony ” bone spur” excuse to dodge the draft. If MAGA cult members eventually return to sanity, Trump’s hypocrisy, dishonesty, corruption and racism will repulse them.

President Biden’s has always made it clear that the most important role in his life was being a father. He lost his 13 month old daughter Naomi in a car accident in 1972 that also killed his wife Neila. His two sons, Beau and Hunter survived and Biden dedicated himself to being a loving, present father, despite the demands of his career as a U.S. Senator. He commuted from his home in Delaware to Washington DC and back home every night to be with his sons. The death of his 46 year-old son Beau to brain cancer in 2015 broke Biden’s heart for a second time.  Beau said of his dad,”One of my earliest memories was being in that hospital after the car accident, with dad always at our side. We, not the Senate, were all he cared about. “He decided not to take the oath of office. He said, ‘Delaware can get another senator, but my boys can’t get another father.’ Eventually, he was sworn in, in the hospital, at my bedside.”
Like father like son. Lovers of themselves, money, killing animals, bullying and cheating on wives. These are all well- documented facts, not ” fake news”.

Trump has been quoted saying, “men who take care of their kids are acting like the wife (Fortune, 2015). Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen testified under oath that Trump would often berate Don Jr. in front of other people. Cohen testified under oath in 2019  “that Trump thinks Don Jr. Is too dumb to be trusted. He thinks his oldest son is a complete idiot.” It appears Trump doesn’t have the protective father gene. He has included Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric in his schemes and scams, making them vulnerable to federal and civil prosecution. Trump is known to have said if his kids become vulnerable to going to jail, he will make sure “Don Jr. would go, not Ivanka.

The support President Biden showed to our troops, Ukrainian refugees, and our allies who are offering humanitarian aid demonstrates America thankfully has a president who is compassionate, competent, authentically strong ( not faux “America First” strong) and making America proud.

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