Republicans Won’t Publicly Admit It, But I’m Sure They Are Relieved President Biden’s Extensive Foreign Affairs Experience Is Directing America’s Role In The Ukraine Invasion By Russia Instead Of Putin’s Biggest Fan, Donald Trump. Biden And His Team Are Competent, Level-Headed And Motivated By Humanitarianism And Protecting Democracies Not Power-Grabbing And Authoritarianism. Having President Biden Representing The United States In Brussells With Other NATO And G-7 Leaders Is A Respite From The Embarrassment Of Remembering Trump Overseas Physically Pushing Other World Leaders Out Of His Way.

President Biden is continuing his successful leadership role with other leaders in the NATO coalition. Former President Trump attacked, criticized and threatened NATO allies in what now looks like a strategy to help his hero Putin’s plan to return Russia to it’s glory days of the Soviet Union. The plan was thankfully thwarted because the American people elected Joe Biden and dumped Trump after one term. Weakening NATO would make it easier for Russia to overtake European countries and spread authoritarianism throughout the continent. Without Trump as his ally to weaken the European alliance, Putin has decided to resort to his murderous ways to expand Russia’s presence and control of Europe.

Looking back on Donald Trump’s relationship with Putin and other members of the Russian elite during his presidency is frightening. He  shared classified information with Russian diplomats he invited to the White House. He sided with Putin over the U.S. Intelligence community in Helsinki in 2017. He continuously referred to Putin as strong and advocated for Russia to be invited back into the G-7. The majority of Republican politicians view Putin as an enemy of the United States, a murderer, and a dictator. However, most of them stayed silent while Trump flirted with Putin like a schoolgirl. President Biden is a confident, competent man who’s ego doesn’t need boosting by making boyfriends out of the worlds most heinous dictators. Remember that humiliating comment he made about North Korean dictator Kim Kong Un: ” And Then We Fell In Love.”

President Biden joined with Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson and France’s President Emmanuel Macron in strong united opposition to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and for increased military and humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people. President Zelensky attended the meeting via video and asked the Alliance to do more to help save lives in his country. He said he has requested fighter planes and tanks, but none have come. “NATO has yet to show what the Alliance can do to save people. To show that this is truly the most powerful defense union in the world. And the world is waiting. And Ukraine is very much waiting. Waiting for real actions,” Zelensky said. (Daily Mail, March 24). The article described President Budens goal in Brussells is “to rally military and EU allies to stay together in opposing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and offer energy solutions to a worried Europe.”

If Trump was still president, it’s possible the United States would not be represented at the NATO and G-7 meeting in Brussell’s to give more support to Ukraine’s effort to defend itself against Putin’s invasion. Trump’s admiration for strongmen dictators interfered with his defense of our democracy. To rally support from the Russian people, Putin has increased his public appearances since declaring war on Ukraine. Since Russia’s assault on Ukraine’s sovereignty, the comparisons between Putin and Trump are more apparent.  Both men conduct disinformation rallies, make cries of ” fake news”, and campaign to raise money from the public to enrich themselves personally. As Trump’s businesses decline and his indebtedness increases, fundraising has become his main source of income. He keeps the “big lie” alive and the promise to run for president in 2024 to continue to generate an income to support his extravagant lifestyle and to service his debts.

If this couple is reunited in 2024, American democracy will fail. Republicans need to leave the Trump cult or forever be seen as colluders in the Russian infiltration into the United States government. Senators like Lindsey Graham and Josh Hawley are using their offices to pretend they are defending the Constitution. However,  the support of an authoritarian, insurrectionist former president proves they have abandoned pre-Trump democracy.
President Biden and NATO leaders unite in Brussels to agree on an increase in military support of Ukraine and to discuss a U.S. deal to assist Europeans by supplying them with natural gas. He will also visit troops in Poland and meet with President Duda to support their humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees. Biden’s leadership is getting bipartisan support. However, Republicans are keeping their support of Biden’s actions quiet, to avoid the wrath of the man who will probably be on trial during the 2024 elections.
President Lincoln wouldn’t sit back and watch rogue Republican members of Congress demean the Constitution and call themselves the party of Lincoln

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