President Biden Is Showing His Commitment To Protecting Democracies Around The World By The Strong Sanctioning Of The Russian Economy And By Supplying Ukraine With Military Weaponry To Fight Putin’s Murderous Invasion. Putin, The “Friend” Of The One-Term Former President, Has Become Globally Ostracized. Countless Countries And Corporations Have Ceased To Do Business With Russia. The Trump Administration Would Have Sympathized With Putin, Believing His Use Of Propaganda To Justify His Crimes Against Humanity. Biden=Values, Trump=Corruption.

Senator John McCain, a war hero and patriot, famously refused to be released from capture in Viet Nam until the rest of his fellow soldiers were released. He also famously shut down one of his supporters who disparagingly called President Obama a Muslim. Compare this man to a man who befriends wife beaters, Q’Anon members, brags about grabbing women by the p—sy, cheats on his wives, lied about a deadly virus contributing to infection and death of thousands of Americans, incited an insurrection against the United States government, evaded paying taxes and called dead soldiers “losers”. ( not a complete list of proof of having no values).
President Biden has been a public servant since he was 29 years old. He is driven by the values of family, service, religious faith, equality for all, and compassion. He strives for bipartisanship despite being treated with vengence and disrespect. He doesn’t exploit his power or seek revenge on his political enemies. His legislative agenda shows respect for women, minorities, immigrants, rural America, the rich, the poor and the disabled.

Presidents who talk about equality, compassion, honest and values are never authoritarian. Presidents who worship money, power, elitism, spread propaganda and demand blind loyalty are the authoritarian dictators. Authoritarian’s promise freedoms, but in reality, they restrict or eliminate freedoms that oppose their world view or threaten their power and control. Democracies are defined by individual freedoms, with restrictions related only to public health and safety and national security. While Putin is committing war crimes in Ukraine, Trump is displaying his malignant narcissism by declaring “Putin would not have done this if I was president.” Delusional as ever, Trump believes he is a “strongman” and Putin would have been afraid to attack Ukraine if he was president. The truth: With America now in the hands of a president who supports democracy and our NATO alliances, Putin feels threatened and isolated. He needs to kill innocent people and invade a country to manage his suppressed, weak ego. Despite the atrocities he is committing, Trump is still able to describe Putin as “smart and savvy” instead of ” murderous and immoral”.

Russians demonstrate against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the murder of their Ukrainian neighbors.

Today, President Biden blocked the purchasing of all Russian oil in America. The economic sanctions in place against Putin and Russia are crippling its economy, and countries worldwide are following the strong leadership of the American president. Putin’s puppet was voted out, and except for Trump’s parroting the Russian autocrat’s “fake news” rhetoric and other dangerous propaganda, Russian infiltration into our government has been stopped. The world is following America’s lead, and with positive values guiding our government once again, The United States is recovering its reputation. Voters must continue America’s moral recovery by rejecting anything related to the MAGA movement, which is nothing more than a racist, authoritarian movement more aligned with banana republics than democracies.

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