Sociopathic Leaders Like Vladimir Putin Lack The Capacity To Feel Empathy. This Psychological Deficit Makes Eliminating Or Degrading Human Life Means Nothing To Them. Historically, These Abnormal Dictators Have Horrific Falls From Power. Unfortunately, Many Survive Long Enough To Commit Heinous Crimes Against Humanity Or Impart Severe Restriction On Individual Freedoms. The American-style Authoritarianism, Called Trumpism, Hasn’t Resorted To Physical Murder To Gain Power; however, It’s Racist Policies, Extreme Nationalism, And Attempts To Restrict Individual Freedoms Not Agreed With By Those In Power Is An Insidious Movement Towards Authoritarianism.

Those who promote and believe the ” big lie” that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen are enabling authoritarianism in America. Dictators attempt to overturn fair elections to keep themselves and their party indefinitely in power. Trump is on tape asking the Georgia Secretary of State to find him enough votes to overturn the election results. His surrogates tried to install false electors to change the electoral college results. Additionally, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani concocted a scheme to steal voting machines in swing states. These practices are what dictators do to stay in power. Despite losing the popular vote by 8 million and suffering a substantial electoral loss, Trump continued to use Putin- style false rhetoric to declare he won. In his new book, even the corrupt former Attorney General William Barr documents there was no fraud in the election and Trump lost. When he told this to Trump, he became enraged and accepted Barr’s resignation. Dictators get rid of people who oppose their illegal or dangerous practices to stay in power.

The description of fascism is frighteningly similar to the voice of the far-right wing of today’s Republican Party led by Donald Trump. Trump consistently heaped praise and admiration for authoritarian leaders during his presidency. In a July 2019 article, CNN’s The Point reported examples where Trump praised dictators. “Trump’s admiration for and praise of authoritarian rulers – and how they maintain their power – is a feature not a glitch of this President and his presidency. When you combine the fights he’s picked with traditional US allies (Australia, Germany, etc.), you begin to grasp where Trump’s mind is when it comes to the preferred way to lead people. And that’s scary”):

  • In Helsinki, Trump sided with Putin over U.S. the intelligence community regarding Russia’s interference in the 2016 election saying “President Putin says it’s not Russia. I don’t see any reason why it would be.”
  • “I know and respect Kim Jong Un, he is open and terrific.”(Sept., 2018)
  • Introducing Turkish President Erdogan he said, “it’s my honor to be with a friend of mine, he is doing a very good job in Turkey.” ( Sept. 21, 2017).
  • “President Xi ( JinPing) who’s a friend of mine, is a strong man and a very, very good man.” (April 12, 2018).

Sociopathic leaders will kill innocent people, destroy sovereign democratic countries, and restrict individual freedoms to protect their self-serving ideology and power. They believe they deserve limitless and indefinite power. Thankfully, their demise is usually dismal, however, not before they commit crimes against humanity. Adolf Hitler was the architect of the Holocaust, in which he ordered the murders of 6 million Jews and other minorities. While on the run after the war ended, he committed suicide in a bunker, and his remains were burned per his instructions. Benito Mussolini founded the National Fascist Party in Italy and sided with the Nazis in WW2. He was shot and killed by a partisan in 1945 and hung upside down in a town square, his body bludgeoned by an angry crowd. Dictator Muammar Kaddafi ruled for Libya 42 years, conducting mass shootings, rape, lootings, and beatings of civilians. In an uprising against his rule, he was captured in his home city of Sirte, stabbed and brutally beaten to death. The brutal Saddam Hussein was convicted of war crimes and executed by hanging. Saudi Arabian terrorist Osama Bin-Laden founded the murderous group Al- Qaeda, orchestrated the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon was ultimately hunted down, shot, and killed by American soldiers in 2011 on order by democratic President Barack Obama.


  • A strong central government, ruled by a dictator who uses charisma and personality to gain support. Leader is intolerant of ideologies that differ from his.
  • Extreme Nationalism (emphasis on national glory and violent, oppressive resistance to outside influences
  • Corporatism : state controls the economy; unions, strikes, and labor rights are illegal. Enrichment of the ruling class
  • Superiority of the Nation’s People (a country’s people are seen as superior to others; pervasive persecution of minorities)

Taken from Constitutional Rights Foundation, “Mussolini and the Rise of Fascism,” Bill of Rights in Action, 25(4), p. 5.

Putin’s attack on Ukraine is a continuation of his long history of invading countries, murdering innocent people, and attempting to recover the former status of the Soviet Union. In 2008 he invaded Georgia, and in 2014, he annexed Crimea. Military experts speculate that Putin won’t stop his aggressive takeovers when he succeeds in Ukraine. Instead of attacking Putin as a man and a leader like both Democrats and Republican members of Congress are doing, Trump praises his strong leadership and campaigns on a fascist-like lie that he is still the legitimate president. Mental health professionals call such thinking delusional or sociopathically motivated rhetoric.

Republican elected officials and their constituents who are promoting the ” big lie” scam are moving American democracy towards authoritarianism. Promoting a one-party government, supporting criminal behavior to overturn elections, legislating to limit access to vote, and blind loyalty to a corrupt leader is the definition of an authoritarian government. Trump and his accolytes have targeted communities of racists and Christian- extremists who live only for their guns, to oppose a woman’s right to an abortion, and suppress the equal rights of minorities. Hope for American democracy to survive the Trump-controlled Republican far-right lies in the reality that we have a Constitution, a judiciary branch that consistently rules against the corruption, and the majority of Americans recognize a coup when they see one.

The fight for real democracy, not the fake democracy of Trumpism, is on. The Department of Justice is now responsible for prosecuting crimes committed against our form of government. Ben Franklin warned us that democracy would be challenged, and we are living in that challenge now.

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