The World Is United Against Vladimir Putin’s Invasion Of Ukraine. It Is Humilating And Dangerous That There Is Any Political Voice Coming From The United States Complimenting Putin, Justifying His Murderous Invasion And Believing His Phoney Propaganda Excuses For The Attack. The Russian Sympathizers On Fox News Like Tucker Carlson Along With Donald Trump Are Emboldening Putin To Believe He Has A Chance To Infiltrate Our American Democracy. Americans Who Say They Love Democracy Should Stand Up To Authoritarianism In The Same Spirit The Ukranians Are Modeling.

Any American political figure or media outlet that praises Putin in any way is a traitor to our democratic values. The normalization of lying and conspiracy theories in American politics was adopted from the Russian playbook and used on vulnerable Americans by Donald Trump. Trump’s phony, strategic condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine at CPAC this week was transparently insincere. Advisors told him that his praise of Putin this week would work against him politically, so he denounced the invasion and blamed that it happened because the 2020 presidential was rigged, and American leaders are weak. His self-promoting declarations are tired reruns and desperately transparent. Hopefully, millions of Americans realize they have encouraged a political movement threatening our to our democracy.

Anti-war, anti- Putin demonstrations are flooding the streets of Russia and Russian citizens are being arrested for demonstrating and exercising free speech. Russia’s “big lie” is that it is a democracy. Trump studied Putin’s model of an autocratic presidency. Donald Trump’s ideology, like Putin’s, says only his views and right- wing extremist views define what America should stand for. Trump’s praise of Putin proves he supports dictator-like power and control of a country and it’s people which restricts individual freedoms. The Russian invasion confirms what most intelligent, decent, patriotic global citizens have known; Putin is a murderous autocrat consumed with power, accumulating money and lying. No American president should ever fit that description or we can say goodbye to democracy.

Proud Ukrainians are arming themselves and fighting in the streets against the aggression of Russian soldiers. They are putting their lives in jeopardy to save their country from a Russian takeover of their government. Any political figure that doesn’t oppose the invasion of the democratic nation of Ukraine exposes themselves as an enemy of democratic countries. Before the MAGA movement infiltrated our government and media, U.S. political figures were united in their view of Putin as an enemy of America. Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, Reps. Josh Hawley, Marjorie Taylor- Greene, and other like-minded MAGA elected officials have mastered the Putin- style pattern of disinformation to pervert the meaning of our Constitution. They need to be removed from our government and replaced with people from either party who are decent patriots who defend the Constitution instead of trashing it.

If we don’t unite and find common ground to protect the American democracy, it won’t survive. The ideology of Trumpism, MAGA, and the far-right does not represent the soul of America. It represents a minority of power-hungry extremists who don’t deserve to serve our country.

Instead of banding together as a country and standing by our president, respectfully negotiating party differences, the Republican party is promoting a movement towards authoritarianism and a racist, misogynistic societal regression, which mirrors a shameful part of our country’s history which most Americans oppose. The streets of Russia, Ukraine, and countless other NATO countries are filled with citizens standing up for democracy. From now until the mid-terms, the streets of America should be filled with people demonstrating for the survival of America’s democracy. The message of “Save Our Democracy” from the far-right is an example of gaslighting. It’s a manipulative scare tactic that people who don’t understand what democracy means are rallying around. However, violating the Constitution for political gain and spreading disinformation is the opposite of saving America; it destroys America. Democracy’s survival is threatened by those who believe in a one-party system and admire “strong men” dictators who once in power restrict individual freedoms.

President Biden is making America proud by standing up to Putin with strength, integrity, and competent decisionmaking. Other world leaders of democracies are following his lead by placing severe sanctions on Russia. Sanctions from the U.S. ordered by President Biden stand to cripple Russia’s economy. Two of it’s largest banks and it’s executives have been targeted. Also ordered were, “wide restrictions on semiconductors, telecommunication, encryption security, lasers, sensors, navigation, avionics and maritime technologies”, military end-users, including the Russian defence ministry (Aljazeera, Feb.25, 2022).

The U.S. is also insuring that selected Russian banks are removed from the SWIFT messaging system, which will disconnect the banks from the international financial system and harm their ability to operate globally” (Aljazeera, Feb 25, 2022). Even historically neutral Switzerland is adopting the same sanctions set forth by the European Union against Russia. Putin is being globally seen as a murderous, out-of-control dictator who may be charged as a war criminal. The Russian military has killed over 400 Ukrainian citizens in targeted attacks on apartment buildings and surrounding neighborhoods. Hopefully, as Russia’s economy crumbles and the world ostracizes Putin, his government subordinates will turn on him and remove him from office. Russia shouldn’t wait to vote him out of office like America did when Trump was decidedly, legitimately booted out of office in 2020.

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