Democracy Is On The Ballot In 2022. Republicans Are Backing ” Big Lie” Loyalists For Election Board And Secretaries Of State Positions. The Plan Is To Throw Out The Votes Of The People And Steal Elections. MAGA Members Of Congress Support Voter Suppression Laws And Are Spreading Conspiracy Theories And Violent Rhetoric To Keep The Trump Cult Going. However, Their Leader Has Been Caught Breaking Another Law By Stealing, Flushing, And Eating Presidential Records. Trump Is Getting Nuttier Than Cult Leaders Jim Jones And Charles Manson.

In America, our Constitution says we can protest, disagree, and demonstrate, however we cannot participate in an insurrection against the government. You cannot break laws, brutally attack people, destroy property or trespass. The militia MAGA supporters were high on adrenaline after Trump’s hyperbolic rhetoric at the “stop the steal” rally as he instructed them to “stop the certification of Joe Biden’s win and storm the Capitol and “fight like hell.” Jan. 6th was the beginning of the biggest brainwashing scam on the American people in history. When the attempt to stop the certification of the vote failed, Trump began a campaign of disinformation and conspiracy theories to solidify his reality show attack on democracy. His presentation of lies and conspiracy theories are transparent to anyone of normal intelligence and rational thinking. He barks repetitive phrases and recycles the same lies that have been disproven even by his stacked Supreme Court. He sounds like a broken record looking more desperate with each sweaty speech. Many of his supporters know he lost the election, know there was no fraud and know he is a shyster who reveres dictators and isn’t qualified to be president. However, America is addicted to cheesy reality shows and celebrity and they just can’t quit Trump. The rumor is many of his supporters won’t quit him publicly, but they might be afraid enough of his chaotic, disrespect for democracy and put a check by someone else name when they vote in the mid-terms.
“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” Trump declared during the 2015 presidential campaign. The one-term President said Hilary Clinton’s private email use and the deleting of emails by her staff was “criminal.”
However, the hypocrisy is astounding. “Politico declared in 2018, “Meet the guys who tape Trump’s papers back together,” and this piece from The Times in 2019: “Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Use Private Accounts for Official Business, Their Lawyer Says.”
That’s right, from the same forces that brought you the chorus of “Hillary’s emails” and the smash hit “Lock Her Up” comes a new spin on an old song, “Do As I Say, Not As I Do ( USA Today, Feb. 10, 2022). The Republicans who insisted on criminal charges being filed against Hilary are silent about Trump’s toilet flushing of presidential records and his removing of 15 boxes of government-owned records from the White House. The congressional opportunists have been emasculated by Trump’s ridiculous version of a strongman. Trump has broken many laws. It’s not a witch hunt. He has committed many crimes with a mountain of evidence against him. Witchhunts occur when a person spreads falsehoods about an opponent to destroy them because they dislike them. In the cases being brought against Donald Trump, there is physical evidence against him. He has been caught lying, committing fraud, obstructing justice, destroying presidential documents, and attempting to commit election interference in Georgia and other swing states. Trump is effective in getting his base to feel sorry for him as he cries, “I’m a victim of a witch-hunt.”  However, his crimes could not be more transparent, and his desperation and grandiosity grows, as the chant ” lock her up” is being replaced with  “lock him up.”

Hilary was a victim of witchhunts. Congress’s Benghazi investigation went on for four years and yielded no evidence of her having committed a crime. Her private server use and deleted personal emails escalated to an FBI investigation that exonerated her. With no evidence against her, Clinton was constantly under abusive attack by Republicans in Congress. Quite differently, every lawsuit, research, and accusation against Trump involves proof of misconduct and guilt. The cult culture of Trump, America’s worship of celebrity, and a corrupted Republican party currently protect him. However, the courts see right through his judicial system abuse by appeals and motions to dismiss. These delay tactics and false claims of executive privilege succeed in delaying justice, but they won’t succeed in exonerating him from legal accountability. The DOJ is now responsible for announcing charges because the former president is not above the law.

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