“Marjorie Taylor Greene appears to confuse Hitler’s secret police with popular Spanish cold tomato soup. She said, “Not only do we have the DC jail which is the DC gulag, but now we have Nancy Pelosi’s “gazpacho police” spying on members of Congress, spying on the legislative work that we do, spying on our staff and spying on American citizens,” ( The Guardian, Feb. 9, 22). Georgia district 14,wake up! Taylor-Greene is not highly educated, doesn’t understand the Constitution, believes in strange conspiracy theories, and shouldn’t remain in Congress. She is an embarrassment to the vote.

Showed propensity, Jimmy couldn’t help himself! This gaff will haunt her, the way she haunts anyone who isn’t white, Republican, Christian, and Trump loyal. Her arrogance and aggressiveness are legendary. However, her ignorance has shown bright this week, along with her propensity for invoking inappropriate Jewish references to the Holocaust.
Taylor Greene is today’s, Sarah Palin. Why can’t Republicans vote for people who are intelligent, well-spoken, civil, without magical thinking, knowledgeable about government, history, and the English language? Her reference to ” gazpacho” police instead of “Gestapo” police reveals her ignorance and excessive, inappropriate references to Jews. She claimed ” Jewish bankers were responsible for the California wildfires by using space lasers and mask mandates are similar to how Jews were treated in the Holocaust. This minority representative of Southern white supremacy should be expelled from Congress. She acts like a “mean girl,” stalking colleagues, putting people’s health at risk by refusing to wear a mask, and spreading the anti-democracy ” big lie” in replacement of adequate knowledge about the law and current events. Georgia district 14 is confusing how to vote for a competent representative with voting for a reality star on a trash cable station.

tobeforeare,man’shead-spinningTaylor Greene was stripped of her committee assignments due to her reprehensible rhetoric by “trafficking in racism, anti-Semitism and baseless conspiracy theories, along with her support for online comments encouraging violence against Democratic officials prior to taking office ( NPR, Feb. 4, 2021). She has studied her idol, the cartoon president Donald Trump, who also uses hateful and pointless babble to cover- up his lack of intelligence, competence, civility and character. Watching Taylor Greene is cringeworthy. Her behavior and speech is so blatantly racist and ignorant it is head spinning that Republicans have not expelled her. She cozied up to Trump, flattering to his old man need for the adoration of younger women, and gained power not because of competence but for being skilled in female subserviance to men.

Get out the popcorn! A debate between these two representatives would be so fun. Taylor Greene is not as articulate, informed, or able to comprehend complex policy as is AOC. How do we know this to be true? She doesnt’t talk policy. She cannot defend her ideas with explanations based on law, history or common sense reasoning. She blames, name-calls, incites, and threatens. Does she have a nurturing, compassionate bone in her body? Or is she a narcissist or opportunistic lover of reality tv antics?

The Republican party is acting like a victim. McConnell is upset about the Taylor Greene’s of the MAGA wing of the party. However, he resists splitting from the now unrecognizable Republican party. If the party broke and found an actual conservative candidate, Trumpism and Trump wacko candidates could never win. GOP pundits suggest moderate Democrats should thank Republicans that have been principled and brave enough to choose country over party. America cannot get rid of the MAGA ideology on its own. Some Republicans will have to fall on their political swords and possibly help democrats win to save our democracy. It

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