Investigations Into Governor Ron DeSantis Start As Soon As Possible. America Doesn’t Need Another Trumpism Candidate To Annihilate The Rights Of Minorities, Women And American Values. Americans That Support Him Are In The Minority And Do Not Represent The Integrity That Truly Makes America Great. The DeSantis And Trump View Of A “Great” America Means White, Racist, Autocratic, And Christian Extremism. DeSantis Mirrors Trump’s Toxic Hypocrisy. He Says He Stands For Personal Freedom Yet He Supports Restrictions On Abortion Rights, Voting Rights, Educational Rights And Gay And Gender Rights. He Is A Mean Opportunist Unfit For Office In A Democracy.

He governs to serve his political ambitions, not for the best interests of the people. His rejection of mask mandates led to record high infections and hospitalizations in children. (“How Ron DeSantis’s Covid response became the model of what not to do” Vox, Aug. 2021). He applauds personal freedoms that his base supports, and restricts the freedoms of others that his base rejects. He is the definition of what a swampy, opportunistic, corrupt politician embodies.
Ron DeSantis Appeared at Miami Event With Anti-Gay Pundit Who Insulted Pulse Victims ( Miami News Times, October, 2018). “LGBTQ Groups Blast Governor DeSantis for Stripping ALL funding for LGBTQ Programs from State Budget”. ( October, 2021). “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill will hurt LGBTQ teens. (
Floridians better start paying to performance and not rhetoric. The cult of Trump and DeSantis will die out because blacks, gays, women, the disabled and true American patriots will show up at the polls to end the racism, autocracy, and corruption these men represent.

Florida set to be latest state to enact measures that limit access to ballot boxes and mail-in votes.” (Al Jazeera, 2021). “Some of the restrictions created by the bill, Senate Bill 90, also include expanding partisan observation power during ballot tabulation and creating additional restrictions for drop box use.” (Fox, 2021).

Cold and robotic, DeSantis has a dangerous approach to serving the public. Except for the white Christian base, he needs to stay in power; most demographic groups’ lives are not meaningful or protected. He did, however, fail to denounce the Neo-Nazi groups last week in Florida who were aggressively spewing hate speech against Jews.

One prominent opponent of Ron DeSantis is the insecure, desperate ex-president Trump. DeSantis has stolen from Trump’s playbook, and his popularity with the MAGA base is driving Trump crazy. He is already psychologically reeling from being the loser in the election against Biden, and DeSantis’s popularity with the right-wing Christian extremists is making him fear another humiliating loss. If there is anything good about DeSantis, it’s that his attraction is haunting Trump.

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