The Biden Economy Is Booming. The New Jobs Report Reported 467,000 Jobs Were Added To The Economy In January, Wages Increased, And The Unemployment Rate Fell To 4%. Biden’s Economy Is Also The Fastest Growing Economy Since 1984. Inflation is High Because Of The Lingering Effects Of The Pandemic Due Mostly To Selfish,Unvaccinated Fake Americans. In General, Americans Have A Superfical Understanding Of The Many Influences That Effect The State Of An Economy. Biden’s Economic Plan Has Saved America From Falling Into A Recession That Could Have Easily Occurred During The Pandemic. Fox Was Salivating At The Probability Of A Disasterous Jobs Report. Wanting A President To Fail Is What Traitors Do.

A surprising 467,000 new jobs were created in Biden’s fast growing economy. His American Rescue Plan and  successful vaccination program support to who needed it and when it was needed. The economy was stimulated in precisely the right way. Trump’s disastrous, incompetent handling of the pandemic created one of the worst economies is U.S. history. Economists say Trump’s economic legacy will be defined by his failure in leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic that exacerbated the financial downturn, domestic policies that overwhelmingly benefited the wealthy, and international trade policies that hurt U.S. industry while simultaneously alienating allies.” (ABC News Jan. 2021). Trump downplayed the virus, leading to an increase in widespread infection, needless deaths, disinformation on science, and the emergence of additional variants due to the MAGA unvaccinated. His misguided judgment was fueled by his hunger to hang onto the great Obama inherited economy. Therefore, he kept the economy open and industries got ravaged by COVID. Trump’s greed and need for power cost many Americans their lives. Despite the Delta and Omicron surges, Biden’s policies of mandates and vaccinations have worked well enough to rebuild our economy.

Biden’s economic accomplishments are record-breaking (CAP, Jan. 22, 2022). You can’t credibly call the following facts fake, however, Fox will try and we will cringe;

  • Under Biden, we have seen the most jobs created on record
  • Under Biden, we have seen the fastest decline in the unemployment rate on record
  • Since the passage of the American Rescue Plan, unemployment has fallen much faster than expected
  • Under Biden, all sectors saw job gains
  • The United States recovered its pre-pandemic level of income faster than all other G-7 countries
  • Real disposable incomes were up and poverty fell despite inflation
  • People had more disposable income in 2021, even taking inflation into account
  • Poverty among children fell by 38 percent from 2020 to 2021
  • Workers were empowered to take better jobs
  • Applications to start new businesses increased dramatically in 2021
Trump inherited a robust economy from President Obama; however, despite that monetary gift, he managed to leave office as the first president to leave the office with fewer jobs since Herbert Hoover. His downplaying and mismanaging of the coronavirus epidemic contributed to his economic failures but was not the only reason Trump trashed the economy. Although he consistently touted positive stock numbers as proof his policies were ” Making America Great Again,” the credit mostly belongs to the cutting of interest rate by the Federal Reserve. Trump demonstrated little understanding of the complexities of maintaining a strong economy, and Americans will feel the damaging results of his incompetence for years. Despite inheriting Trump’s disastrous economy, Biden’s economic successes prove the disparity between his competence and Trump’s incompetence. Trump’s prior celebrity and the cult of personality success are what has kept his base loyal and believing his lies, and succumbing to his gaslighting on many issues. As with most people who become members of cults, Trump followers believe everything the leader says. Trump promised he would be the jobs president for the average American. That won him the votes. However, the only pockets lined were wealthy Americans.


Trump’ economic failures include:

  • Left office having created less jobs than when he entered office
  • Mismanaged the pandemic making worse an inevitable financial turndown
  • Created international trade policies that hurt U.S. industry while simultaneously alienating allies.
  • Misunderstood the value of the World Trade Organization to the economy
  • Increased the trade deficit with China with his trade wars
  • Ballooned the national debt
  • Failed to strengthen the American manufacturing sector
  • Unemployment was consistently higher for people of color over whites
  • Financial gains from his corporate tax cuts benefitted mainly those who were already rich.
  • Out of control spending, an anti-conservative policy, ballooned the national debt to 7 trillion dollars
  • His expensive tax cuts to the rich ballooned the deficit to the third largest increase in U.S. history
  • Prices on goods for the average person increased as Trump engaged in a tariff war run by his ego to best President Chi. His ego war cost the American economy 300,000 jobs
  • Millions of Americans lost their jobs, life savings, and lives due to his lying about the deadly nature of the corona virus
  • His alienation of our allies with his toxic masculinity behaviors and anti- globalization policy of ” America First” affected positive trade practices

Communities of color bore the brunt of Trumpism’s economic policies, proving even his economic policies were as racist as his social policies. However, thankfully he lost, and despite that he is still poisoning the country with corruption and pursuit to destroy democracy, Biden is kicking his butt as a President of the United States.

Here is a look at the outgoing president’s legacy on the U.S

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