Despite The 2020 Presidential Election Being Called The Most Secure Election In U.S. History, Republican Law Makers Have Declared The Election Was Fraudulent To Justify  “The Big Lie” And To Pass Voter Suppression Laws. Critical Racism Is Not Being Taught In Our Schools, Yet Right-Wing Governors Ron DeSantis-FL And Glen Youngkin-VA Are Legislating To Ban It In The Schools. The Trump Voters Who Don’t Suffer From Mental Illness Or A Lack Of Education Should Rethink Their Loyalties If They Want Their Personal Freedoms To Survive.

The Founding Fathers had a vision for our republic. It would consist of two great parties whose ideologies would compliment each other and restrict each other when necessary for the good of the country. However, in 2016 the Republicans elected and protected an authoritarian, one with a corrupt and cruel character. He ravaged the Constitution, the American value system, and the integrity of the Republican party. In their cowering silence, career Republicans talk about him as an incompetent, unhinged, vengeful albatross. However, loyalty to the country and the Constitution has been replaced with the corrupt ideology of allegiance to the party and power over the country.


  • Can you define Critical Race Theory?
  • Are you aware it is not taught in U.S. schools?
  • What do think of elected officials who promise to ban Critical Race Theory from curriculum, when in reality it isn’t being taught?
  • How do you feel about state governments controlling the curriculum in our schools instead of qualified teachers?
  • Do you agree with excluding historical facts from educational curriculum just because they are emotionally unpleasant?
  • Do you think the emotional reactions or political biases of parents should dictate the content of your child’s education?
  • Is asking election officials to change their states vote count acceptable if they don’t like the results?
  • Do you think members of Congress should bring guns into the Capitol?
  • As a Republican, are you willing to not partake in federal programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Food Stamps, and Obamacare to show loyalty to what your party stands for? If no, why not?
  • Do you think it should be a crime to offer a person water who is standing on a long line to vote?
  • If the Democrats are in power do you agree with their right to suppress the vote in areas that are heavily Republican?
  • Do you agree with state laws that allow state officials to call an election a “fraud” if their party lost?
  • Why was it acceptable to Republicans for Mitch McConnell to have changed the filibuster to appoint a Supreme Court judge 3 weeks before Biden became president, when he blocked President Obama’s nominee for a seat on the Court 9 months before the end of his term?
  • Do you believe hypocrisy is corrupt, even if done by your party?
  • If Trump is indicted for the federal crime of conspiracy to obstruct the peaceful transfer of power and for pressuring state election officials to commit election fraud would you stop supporting the radical, right-wing movement he leads?
  • If no, why not?
  • Do you understand the similarity between a federal mandate to wear a mask on a plane with the law prohibiting smoking on a plane?
  • Do you understand there are limits to personal freedom written into the Constitution?
  • Are you aware autocratic governments favor strict gun laws?
  • Do you believe in science? Are you aware some science is exact and unchanging while other areas in science, such as climate change and infectious viral disease continue to evolve yielding updated data?
  • Do you believe U.S. presidents should be expected to prove they are proficient in understanding the Constitution?
  • Do you believe a president should indicted while in office if they commit a crime? If no, why?
  • If you believe the federal government should be small and stay out of dictating our personal freedoms, why do you support laws that would force a 13 yr-old girl who was raped by her father to have the baby?
  • Do you see the hypocrisy of demanding the federal government intervene in defense of 2nd Amendment laws while demanding the federal government stay out of enforcing laws related to public health laws?
Governor Ron DeSantis, Mr. Tough Guy, wants to ban any subject or historical fact that might cause someone to feel emotionally upset. I guess he thinks a Republican is rugged and robust if they carry a gun, act like a bully, and refuse to wear a mask during a pandemic. If that’s true, why do his policies make him and his constituents sound like whiny snowflakes?

The Republican Party has allowed itself to be hijacked by Donald Trump, despite his incompetence, corruption, and white supremacist ideology. Trump’s cultish personality has mesmerized the fringe-wing of the GOP, and his sociopathic, vengeful personality has scared the hell out of the Republican members of Congress. “They are all snowflakes” has become the mantra to describe Republicans who stay silent while the Democrats, the bipartisan Jan. 6th Committee, and federal court judges are proving what anyone paying attention knows, “Trump has broken laws, should be indicted soon and continues to pose a threat to democracy and America’s standing in the world.”

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