Democrats Should Stop Worrying About The Mid-Terms! The Investigations, Grand Juries, Criminal Revelations From The National Archives, And Trump’s Approval Slipping Are Corroding The MAGA Brand. The Majority Of American Voters, Especially Minorities, Are Energized To Vote Against MAGA Republican Candidates Who Along With Senators Joe Manchin And Kyrsten Sinema Obstructed The Passing Of The Voting Rights Bills. Republican Party Leadership Has Turned The Power Of Their Party Over To Corrupt Airheads Like Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar And Other American Embarrassments.

While Trump pretends he won the election because of rampant fraud (that never happened), his corrupt attempts to steal the election are exposed. The grand jury’s approval in Georgia will determine whether to indict Trump for election interference and fraud. TRUMP VOTERS! YOU HAVE BEEN GASLIGHTED, AND THE NARRATIVE ISN’T EVEN CLEVER. TRUMP KEEPS CLAIMING THAT THE MOST FRAUD-FREE ELECTION IN RECENT HISTORY WAS FRAUDULENT, WHILE HE TRIED TO PRESSURE STATES TO CHANGE VOTE COUNTS AND ELECTORS ILLEGALLY. To disbelieve the results of Republican-led state recounts and dismiss the opinion of over 65 judges that there was no election fraud is sadly naive. By the mid-terms, there is no way the majority of Republicans will vote for candidates who lie, cheat and are under investigation for involvement in the president’s attempt to steal the 2020 election.

The New York Attorney General Latisha James Investigation Into Trump And His Family

Trump’s worst nightmare is a strong, intelligent, fearless, competent woman of color. Attorney General James is pursuing a civil case against Trump, the Trump Organization and Trump’s adult children for misrepresenting the value of assets for fraudulent purposes. It is suspected that Trump inflated the value of his property when applying for loans and deflated the value to reduce his tax liability. Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney, co-conspirator and witness to his crimes has reported under oath to Congress that these fraudulent acts by Trump are true.
None of the challenges to the legitimacy of the 2020 elections have been held up in court. Trump attempted to pressure Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger ( a Republican and Trump voter) and other state officials to change the election results in his favor. Trump also had his obsequious surrogate Senator Lindsey Graham and Rep. Kevin McCarthy make calls to Georgia officials discrediting the legitimacy of Biden’s. TRUMP VOTERS! VOTING FOR AN EX-PRESIDENT WHO WAS CAUGHT ON TAPE TRYING TO ALTER THE VOTES OF A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION AND FOR INCITING AN ATTACK ON CONGRESS TO BLOCK THE PEACEFUL TRANSFER OF POWER IS NOT PATRIOTIC, AND IT’S DANGEROUS.
Can you believe traditional Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham have allowed themselves to become subservient to these arrogant, hateful, incompetent government “performers.” These career Senators are emasculated versions of their former selves, kissing ass or staying silent while right-wing extremists degrade conservative values. Taylor-Greene’s accomplishments in the House include getting removed from her committee assignments due to spreading offensive, outrageous conspiracy theories, being repeatedly fined for not wearing a mask at the Capitol, and stalking and harrassing several of her colleagues in the House. Rep. Matt Gaetz, along with Taylor-Greene, travels the country spreading the ” big lie,” and enjoying the anger and hatred he elicit a from Trump supporters. He is also under investigation for sex trafficking and having sex with a minor. Toxic masculinity is rampant in Trump’s world, and misogyny and abuse of women by men like Gaetz is tolerated and minimized. These rogue, undeserving members of Congress should be forced to prove they understand the Constitution and what their oath of office means. McConnell and Graham look sheepish and clownish as they step aside and now to the worst of their party.

What has saved democracy so far from Trump and his MAGA, anti-American ideology is the judiciary branch of our government. He constantly loses in the courts because his claims have no merit. He is transparent in his abuse of the courts to delay justice. However, this week he was reminded by an 8-1 ruling against him in the Supreme Court that he doesn’t control any federal courts simply because he appointed the judges. The Justices ruled against his attempt to block the release of the Archive records. Republican and Democratic judges have continued to do what Trump and congressional Republicans refuse to do; follow the rule of law as outlined in the Constitution. .!

It is laughable that Trump or anyone who supports him ever compared him to Lincoln. To do so is delusional, grandiose, and insulting to Lincoln. Respecting and upholding the content of the Constitution is what judges do, which means eventually, justice will come to all who have violated it for the last five years.

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