MSNBC, CNN, Steven Colbert, and Other So Called Anti- Trump Messengers Are Blowing It! Are They Getting Paid By Fox To Repeat Every Negative Talking Point About President Biden And The Challenges His Administration Is Facing? Why Can’t Their Segment Producers Do A 10 Minute Update On Trump’s Investigation Woes, And 50 Minutes About Biden’s Accomplishments And The Democratic Agenda. The Liberal Pundits Promote The Prediction Of A Mid-Term Massacre, Low Biden Poll Numbers, And “Policy Failures” Which Feeds Perfectly Into The Fox News Anti- Biden Narrative.

Steven Colbert! Stop all jokes that diminish the trust and confidence in President Biden. Just thank him for beating Trump and find a way to write jokes that are funny without being degrading.

Steven Colbert is brilliant, funny, and is definitely anti-Trump and Trumpism. However, making jokes about President Biden’s age and cognitive function ( which is intact as ever), is providing content for the Republicans in government, social media and the Fox reality show version of news. His argument that he is a comic and an actor and politicians, including presidents, are fair game for ridicule shouldn’t apply at a time as we see our democracy weakened by the moral decline of the Republican party. One the one hand he justifies his criticism of Senators Manchin and Sinema for crashing the voter protection bills citing his concern for the attack on democracy by Republican corrupt practices. However, in all his brilliance, he fails to recognize his degrading jokes about President Biden distract from and diminish his administrations potential for a positive standing in the eyes of Americans and the world. Making fun of Trump and the wack pack of his corrupt surrogates does not nullify his degrading jokes about President Biden. Boycotting his monologue is a patriotic act until he can use his genius at writing comedy to be both funny and constructive in building support and confidence for Biden and the democrat’s agenda for America. It is a daunting task to repair the damage Trump and his MAGA supporters have caused, and for a cheap laugh to diminish Biden, who thankfully rid us of Trump is unpatriotic.

Tapper could praise President more and focus less on Trump

MSNB and CNN over played Trump throughout his presidency. It’s a mistake that former Trump attorney Michael Cohen warned the media against doing. Cohen has told the media they have fed into Trump’s ability to manipulate the media to excessively report on him to fSNBC and CNN are making the same mistake they made eed his weak ego. Cohen was right.  Among the many sides to Trump, he is a true media whore. If he had worked as hard on becoming knowledgeable about what is in the Constitution, ( and respected it) as he does on consuming gluttonous amounts of cable news, he might not have become known as the worst president in U.S. history. Although MSNBC has limited showing Trump at rallies or speeches, their hourly programs remain dominated by Trump related news. They could do daily updates on the Trump investigations, cut the number of pundit guests who repeat the same insights and opinions over and over again, and dedicate more time to report on the agenda of President. They could stop replaying low poll numbers and forecasting the potential losses in the mid-terms. How is any of that useful to creating more support for Biden and democrats over Republicans. Including a factual accounting of Republican corrupt anti-democracy movement is helpful, so keep doing that and edit out anything that Fox News can use to say, ” even Democrats don’t like Biden.” That’s fake news!”

President Biden has rightfully decided to take his message on the Build Back Better Plan and voting rights directly to the American people. His strategy of policy-making by pursuing bipartisan relationships in the Senate failed. The effort to bring our two parties together to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our government was worth the try. Biden’s efforts to negotiate with Republicans are consistent with his patriotism, high morals, and civility. However, he realizes the current Republican party is Trump’s party and is an anti-two party system. So Biden and “we the people” will save democracy.

Our president brings hope for democracy, honesty, civility, prosperity, and equality.

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