Ivanka Trump Received A Letter From The Jan. 6th Committee Requesting Information On Communication Had Her Father The Day Of The Insurrection. Additionally, The Committee Is Reporting On Extensive Evidence Of Trump’s Pressure Campaign On Mike Pence To Violate The Constitution And Block The Certification Of Joe Biden As President. There Has Never Been So Much Public Evidence Of Corruption And Illegal Activity By A President, His Family And Government Officials In The History Of The United States. Justice Is Coming. When Trump Is Held Accountable, And The MAGA Cult’s Denial And Anger Explodes, It Will Be Irrelevant White Noise.

“As a mob of pro-Trump supporters breached the Capitol, Trump’s children took to social media to talk to the mob. His Jewish daughter Ivanka Trump is getting particularly hammered for one of her tweets, in which she referred to the violent rioters as “patriots.”( Jerusalum Post, Jan. 2021).

Ivanka looks worried. She should be. She is the sneaky Trump child, quiet but complicit. The Jan. 6th Committee has eyewitness evidence that she realized the violence at the Capitol was dangerous and only her father could and should stop it. While Trump viewed the ego-feeding insurrection and did nothing to stop it, Ivanka and other White House staff and members of Congress pleaded with him to ask the mob to stop the violence and go home. She is an eyewitness to what her father’s attitude and mindset were during the attack.

Trump delivered a robotic, traiterous speech after the Jan. 6th insurrection, where he showered the violent attackers with love and admiration, while people lay dying and severely injured at the Capitol. His serious psychological disorders of character were on full display on that deadly, sad day for America. His emotionless, narcissistic, cruel demeanor was chilling to observe. His non- action that day may have been responsible for rioter Ashlet Babbitt’s death, (the women he has made announced as a patriotic, American hero. He promised the mob he would march with them to the Capitol, then ditched them and hid out at the White House. He lied to them about the election being stolen, convincing them their democracy had been stolen. He told them go to the Capitol” fight hard” to take their country back. The gaslighter-in-chief accuses others of doing the very thing that he is doing in plain view. He accuses the democrats of stealing the election to divert attention from the reality that he is still trying to steal the 2020 election. He is a huckster who relies on phony branding and slogans to replace substantive policymaking.
Giuliani is the quintessential mob-style attorney. He lies, cheats, and arrogantly breaks the law with a grandiosity typical amongst sociopathic criminals. He is excessively loyal to his boss and therefore is willing to risk his freedom and reputation for Trump’s approval. He is under investigation for multiple potential federal crimes and has revoked his law license in New York. He is no longer a respected icon mayor of New York City. Instead, he is seen as an obsequious caricature defined only by pleasing Trump.

an 8-1 vote, the Supreme Court voted not to block the request by the Jan. 6th Committee for the release of Trump’s White House records about the Jan. 6 insurrection. Judge Kavanaugh wrote a two-page explanation of the decision, which supported the lower court’s decision. However, a former president has a right to assert privilege for communications during his presidency. However, the current president’s opinion carries the greater weight. (Scotusblog.com). When announcing his claim over Trump’s records, Biden emphasized presidential privilegeshould not be used to shield, from Congress or the public, information that reflects a clear and apparent effort to subvert the Constitution itself.” Ironically, Trump’s argument for asserting privilege is based on his great concern to protect the constitutional integrity of the office of the presidency. While president, he violated the Constitution by abusing the power of the office and obstructing justice to hide his criminal and unethical practices.

The Jan. 6th Committee has obtained the phone records of Eric Trump and Don Jrs girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle. Despite their arrogant response, these two corrupt leaders in the ” stop the steal” rally should be worried. Guilfoyle, a loud-mouthed Trump embarrassing surrogate said, ” Look at all of us out here, God-loving, freedom-loving, liberty-loving patriots, that will not let them steal this election,” Guilfoyle said. “We will not allow the liberals and the Democrats to steal our dream or steal our elections.” (CNN Politics, Jan. 18 th). Eric Trump, with the ignorance and arrogance of his father said, I’ve got a question for you. “Is there any person here that actually thinks that Joe Biden won this election?” Eric Trump asked at the rally. “I don’t either, guys, I don’t either.” The strategy of gaslighting their gullible, reality show fans with blatant lies while screaming and waving their arms at rallies makes them look clownish and corrupt to everyone around the world who isn’t susceptable to joining cults or mobs.

Trump’s draft executive order called for voting machines to be seized by the Secretary of Defense, claiming there was “probable cause to find evidence of fraud and numerous malicious actions.” ( Newsweek, Jan. 21, 2022).

The existence of an executive order to seize the voting machines after the 2020 election was discovered after the Supreme Court voted not to block the release of Trump’s White House Archive records. Just when it appears every corrupt style for stealing an election has been discovered, another one is found. Trump couldn’t Mike Pence to steal it, the rioters to stop its certification, or get Secretary of State Rathensburger to falsify it, so he wrote an executive order to seize the voting machines and have his people decide they were faulty. The degree to which Trump desperately tried to steal the election is beyond what any democrats mind would contemplate.

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