“Michael Cohen Claims Trump Won’t Run In 2024, And That The ‘Big Lie’ Is Part Of ‘The Greatest Grift In US History.”
MATT PRIGGE TWITTER. With The Trump Name Being Ripped Off Of Real Estate Around The World, Over 400 Billion Dollars Of Debt, And Countless Civil Lawsuits Pending, The Ex-President Has Resorted To Using The “Big Lie” To Establish Income. The RNC And Trump Voters Are Supporting A Dying Brand-Led By A Narcissistic Cult Leader. Republicans Should Unite, Form A United Coup And Reject Him. Republican Voters Who Could Never Vote For A Democrat Could Easily Find Another, More Decent Candidate. Being Grifted By A Failed Ex-President Is Humiliating.

Trump is performing his ” big lie” roadshow wherever and whenever he can. His political job description is to perform the grift as a source of income and to create a fantasy for his followers that he will run for president again and win.  He isn’t a presidential beacon of peace, unity and competence. He is  an angry divider, alienating 3/4 of the American population with hateful rhetoric, racist policies, broken promises, incompetence, a disrespect for democracy and an admiration for dictators who rule with self-interest and power as their only agenda. Mormer associates of Trump, like Cohen, who have been used and abandoned by him, see how he is using the wimpy GOP and his followers as he has done with so many throughout his life.

It’s childish and naive to trust a person who breaks their promises, naively believes what they are told without research or evidence, and who tells provable lies and changes their positions on issues if it serves their pursuit of power and money. Psychological and sociological issues influence a person’s vulnerability to trust when that trust hasn’t been earned or isn’t reasonable. Most of the vehement opposition to Trump goes beyond the divergent political positions held by Republicans and Democrats. A conservative Republican president who gives tax cuts to the rich or opposes abortion rights would  be opposed by Democrats but not as detested as Trump. It’s his lying, fringe conspiracy theories,  autocratic ideology, racist rhetoric and policies, vengeful personality and inability to safely and competently execute the responsibilities of the presidency that explains the aggressive opposition to him. If the Republicans hadn’t given control of their party to Trump and his right- wing extremist cronies, the 25th Amendment could have and would have been invoked.

Democrats must continuously provide evidence that exposes the ” big lie” as a fraud campaign being used by Trump to stay relevant and to earn money. The court rulings against his election fraud charges, the Republican led recounts in red states proving Biden won, and disproven claims of voting machine malfunctions expose the ” big lie” as a scam. Trump’s claim all Republicans who oppose his claim that he won the election are closeted Democrats is an ignorant conspiracy theory with no merit. Republicans like Senators Mitt Romney,  Lisa Murkowsky, and Ben Sasse who reject Trump and his ideology should speak out publicly to energize the countless other elected officials to do so. However, they are in hiding focused on their jobs over country.

Trump has been given permission by the weak, silent minority to attack our democratic values, ignore the rule of law, and bilk people out of their hard-earned, not abundant money.  It’s foreseeable that the RNC will eventually join former Trump University students, the Trump Foundation Charity, countless real estate contractors, Trump presidential campaign funds, and family members as victims of Trump’s financial scamming.  A New York judge ordered Trump Unversity to shut down and pay millions of dollars to former students in a civil case ruling. A New York court also ordered the Trump Foundation Charity to be closed and ruled the Trump family banned from establishing another charity organization. Trump’s exploitation of others to achieve his corrupt goals is being allowed by those Republicans who are cowering in silence.

The documented deception of Trump University is a snapshot of Trump’s sociopathic character and that of his family. Insiders often gossip about Trump’s disrespect for
the people he dupes, his rural, un-worldly loyalists, the wimpy Republicans he scares, and of course anyone that is not a white identity extremist.

The enormous fundraising by the RNC is not based on policies that address the needs of their base or the diverse population of America. They are now a corrupted organization in the image of the Trump family. The gaslighting narrative of Trump Saving America while inciting an insurrection, coercing states to change votes to steal the election, working with corrupt attorneys to create a way for VP Mike Pence to block the certification of Joe Biden as the 46th President. That action is called “sedition” and is a crime against the United States government. The mantra of “Lock Her Up” was a gaslighting technique used to create criminal suspicion about presidential opponent Hillary Clinton to divert attention away from his support of Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election to help him win. ” Lock Him Up” or ” Lock Them Up” is looking likely to result in indictments.

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