Tomorrow Is The first Anniversary Of The Trump-Incited Insurrection At The Capitol. He Is A Moral Failure Of A Person Who Because Of A Sizeable Inheritance And Corrupt Associations Made It To The Presidency. On November 3rd, He FAILED  At Being Re-Elected. On Jan. 6th, He FAILED  To Overturn The Electoral Vote, Which Decidedly Elected Joe Biden. In 2020 He FAILED To Prove Election Fraud And Over 65 Judges From Both Parties Ruled Against His Claims. His Fraudulent Trump University And Trump Foundation Charity FAILED Due To Illegalities. He FAILED Financially By Going Bankrupt 4 Times. He Also FAILED In Two Marriages Because Of Of Adulterous Behavior. His Cult Leader Skills Is Where He Has Succeeded, So Far.

Is this the best person America has to offer to lead our country? Is this what Republicans consider the best of their party?

There is a vast number of factual failures by Trump that even his gaslighting skills cannot hide or negate. Added to the losses already enumerated above are:

  • Failed at stopping the deadly insurrection
  • Failed to appropriately warn Americans about the deadly nature of COVID-19
  • Failed in his effort to get the Supreme Court to overturn the results of the Pennsylvania presidential election results.
  • Failed to balance the U.S. budget, and decrease national debt and deficit
  • Failed to get the Georgia Secretary of State to illegally award him exactly enough votes to overturn Biden’s win in Georgia
  • Failed to build the racist, useless WALL on the southern border
  • Failed to replace the popular Affordable Care Act with a “better” plan.
  • Failed to get North Korea to de-nuclearize as he promised
  • Failed to end the Afghanistan War
  • Failed to avoid catching COVID
  • Failed at managing the coronavirus pandemic
  • Failed at adhering to the Constitution
  • Failed at winning the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Failed to prove there was significant voter fraud
  • Failed to ever win the popular vote
  • Failed at uniting Americans of different races, cultures, and religion
  • Failed at being honest to the American people by telling over 30,000 documented lies
  • Failed at being allowed to remain on mainstream social media platforms Twitter and Facebook due to spreading lies and inciting violence
  • Failed in the courts 63 times in the first 2 years of his presidency for failing to follow the basic rules of governing
  • Failed at policy making with Iran which helped them decrease the amount of time it would take to develop more nuclear weapons
  • Failed to maintain America’s reputation in the world as a stable democracy
  • Failed at holding authoritarian leaders like Vladimir Putin and Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman accountable for murders and human rights violations
When you keep going bankrupt, don’t pay your debts, obtain loans by lying about your assets, and don’t pay taxes you can afford to continue buying companies, see them fail and keep scamming more people.

Trump is seen by a vast number of military officers, journalists, legal experts, Republican politicians and pundits, foreign allies, and judges as the worst president in the history of the United States. The insurrection he inspired and is said by many to have enjoyed watching, was the final nail in the coffin of his already shameful legacy of failure, corruption, and immorality. Because of his failed management of the pandemic, his constant violation of the Constitution and his oath of office, and his coordinated plot with Bannon and other enemies of democracy to steal the election, Trump will be remembered in history as the worst, most dangerous, disturbed person ever occupy the office of President of the United States.

Hopefully, the anniversary of the insurrection he incited against the American government will remind people how lucky we are he is no longer president and how we can never let him near the oval office again.

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