Recent Anti-Semitic Remarks Trump Made Reveal His Insincere Pronouncements Of Love And Support For The Jewish People And Israel. They Are Just False Narratives To Promote His Political Agenda and Attract Big Money Donors. His Comment “There Were Good People On Both Sides” About The Neo- Nazi’s At The Deadly Charlottesville Rally And His Obsequious Deference To His Large Constituency Of White Supremacist Groups Is Blatant Proof He Could Care Less About The Safety Of Jews. Votes, Power, And Money Define Who Trump Is, Not Democracy, Equality, Or Compassion. Republicans, Please Can’t You Find A Better Candidate Than Him?

In a recent interview with Israeli journalist Barack Ravid, The ex-president claimed: ‘There’s people in this country that are Jewish, no longer love Israel. I’ll tell you that the evangelical Christians love Israel more than the Jews.” This was just another of many anti-Semitic slurs which demonize American Jews and panders to the evangelicals, a voter bloc he has gaslighted into falsely seeing him as a super- Christian. Trump continued to disparage and over-generalize ” all” American Jews by saying, “Israel had absolute power over Congress’ but ‘today I think it’s the exact opposite and I think (ex-President Barack) Obama and (President Joe) Biden did that”, and yet in the election they still get a lot of votes from the Jewish people,’ Trump continued. ‘Which tells you that the Jewish people – and I’ve said this for a long time – the Jewish people in the United States either don’t like Israel or don’t care about Israel.” Anytime someone speaks in a generalized way using terms like ” them” and “they” about minorities, there is a level of bigotry at play.

This false statement is one example of Trump’s transparent attempts to manipulate Jews to vote only for Republicans. He has constantly plays into Jewish fears about threats to the survival of the state of Israel. He will tell any lie necessary if it promises political gain for himself. Jews who believe his lies have fallen victim to his cult-leader, phony proclamations of his power and commitment to fighting anti- Semitism.

If Jewish people look at the facts since Charlottesville, can they honestly site public statements or policies that fight to eliminate the growth and violent influence of white supremacist groups in America?

The King of the photo op! This is the Jewish version of holding up the Bible ( upside down) at the Lafayette Square Church. In this photo, he exploited the Wailng Wall just as he exploited the use of the Bible for a embarrassing political stunt.
When asked, he can’ t quote his favorite verse from the Bible. The odds that he has read, believes in or lives by the word of the Bible is as low as the odds that he has read, respects, or follows the laws in the Constitution.
Another classic politically motivated photo op. Trump has not spoken to Benjamin Netanyahu since he congratulated Joe Biden on his presidential victory. Fact: Trump continuously proves by his self-serving behaviors that he has no allegiance to any specific person, ideology, country, or cause.
During a presidential debate with Joe Biden, Trump eerily created the Proud Boy slogan “stand back and stand by” when asked what he would like to say to this white supremacist, anti-semitic group. For Jews not under the cult spell of Trump, that was a frightening moment. It was also a dog-whistle for white supremacists to defend him and his authority rule, and they sure did by following his command to attack the Capitol on Jan. 6th to overturn the election he legitimately lost. .

His anti-Semitic leanings came out when he learned daughter Ivanka was converting to Judaism. The Daily Mail reported today about Trump’s initial reaction to his daughter Ivanka converting to Judaism to marry Jared Kushner. They report:

“Trump, a Protestant but not very religious, reportedly told Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, ‘Jared is half the size of Tom Brady’s arm.Why couldn’t she have married Tom Brady? Have you seen how far he throws a football? Trump questioned why she had to convert to marry him. This information appeared in a book titled, American Oligarchs: The Kushners, Trumps, and the Marriage of Money and Power.

Many Jews find Trump’s public declarations of love and pride for his Jewish daughter and grandkids like the cliched anti- Semitic “some of my best friends are Jewish.” What would be more convincing of a genuine love of the Jewish people would be for Trump to publicly address the Proud Boys, the KKK and other such groups by saying, ” I denounce your organization and it’s violent, bigoted view of Jews, Blacks and the LGBTQ community. I reject your alignment with me personally, the Republican party and denounce any actions or statements you make against those communities.”

We Jews know he will never utter those words, so don’t be fooled by his feigning love for Israel to get the Jewish vote. Defending us from groups who want to imprison or kill us would be more proof of original investment in protecting the lives of Jewish people.


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