President Biden, It’s Time To Get Tough And Do More To Combat The Obstruction Of Your\ Entire Agenda By Senator Joe Manchin And The Republican Party. You’re Not A Mean, Loud, Corrupt Egocentric Bully As Was Your Predecessor. However, You Are Up Against A Resistant Democrat And The Corrupt Trump, MCConnell And The MAGA Congress And The Nice Uncle Joe Approach Is Tanking Your Poll Numbers And Weakening The Party In The Eyes Of Democrats. It’s Time To Get Tougher, And Despite How Distasteful It Might Feel To You, You Have To Do Some Bullying. Weaken Your Enemies Before They Ruin Your Presidency. This Is The Speech To Consider Delivering.

President Biden! Find Your Anger About Obstruction And Your Passion About Helping The Average American And Saving Democracy. Don’t Let Atty General Merrick Garland Wimp Out Like Mueller Did And Treat Trump Like He Is Above The Law. Stop The Dead End Bipartisanship Attempts. Republicans Hate You, And Their Only Goal Is To Obstruct Your Presidency. Use The Power Of The Presidency To Go After The Corruption. Manchin Seems To Be Switching His Party Alliance, So You May Get No Legislation Through Anyway. However, You’re The Leader Of The Free World. Use Your Power, Assert It And Stop Worrying About The Nice Guy Image. Good Try At Being Respectful And Fair, But Your Dealing With MAGA Cult Mobsters And You Have To Fight Hard And Tough To Win

The Biden Speech I Would Love To Hear:

“I decided to run for president after the Neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, North Carolina in 2017. When I heard former president Donald Trump say, ” there were good people on both sides” after the tiki-torch march where white supremacists chanted ” Jews will not replace us” I said to myself, ” uh oh” America is in peril. Trump continued to make policies that further convinced me he was a bigot. The racist dog-whistling inherent in the Muslim ban, calling Mexicans rapists, referring to migrants as “caravans of terrorists”, and referring to countries with populations of black and brown people as “shitholes” told me America was going back to a time when the marginalization of non-white people, regardless of their citizenship status, was the goal of the Trump executive branch.

Trump’s view of America was, white, rich, Christian and Republican. I felt the words on the Statue of Liberty, ” give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” was about to be negated by the Trump Administration’s policies and rhetoric. After serving in the Senate for 38 years, and as Vice-President for 8 years, I felt a responsibility to run for president, defeat Trump’s bid for re-election, and stop his bigoted, authoritarian, propaganda filled assault on our democracy. Thankfully, despite his ” big lie” strategy attempt to steal the election, I globbered him with a historic popular vote win of approximately 8 million votes and a decisive electoral college win.

I don’t govern to influence poll numbers, influence the stock market, to seek dark money, super-pacs or to gain power for powers sake. I didn’t run for president to make to use the power of the office to make money for myself and my family. I ran for president to restore the soul of America by restoring civility and compassion to our political system. Trump and the people he chose to be in his Administration have a divisive, mean-spirited style of dealing with any person or group that doesn’t pledge 100% loyalty to him. My view of democracy is not about blind, dangerous loyalty to a president or political party but rather loyalty to the rule of law as written in our Constitution. As the January 6th Committee continues its investigation into the insurrection that Trump incited and reportedly enjoyed, we will learn the role Trump and his surrogates may have played on that day when democracy almost failed. More important to me in this speech is to factually convey what I have accomplished in the first year of my presidency, explain why certain goals have not been met to this point, and convince you that by supporting my agenda every American will be better off financially and morally aligned with the values of our great country.

Addressing the COVID pandemic and it’s affect on our public health and the economy is my primary focus as president. The prior administration lied about COVID and ignored what needed to be done to stop the spread of infection. Over 800,000 have died from the virus, and yet Americans were told by Trump and his unqualified surrogates it was all an exaggeration by Democrats. I have been telling you the truth. COVID-19 and the new variants are deadly. My administration’s accomplishments include:

  • 490 million shots in arms. More than 71% of American adults are fully vaccinated.”
  • Schools open: 46% of schools were open last year. Today, 99% of schools are open.”
  • Passed the American Rescue Plan and The CARES Act providing COVID relief by lowering healthcare costs, extending unemployment benefits, giving loans to small businesses and more.
  • Easy Access for free vaccinations to any American qualified to receive one
  • Government plan to purchase 500,000,000 million home COVID tests and send to any American who requests them
  • Issuing vaccine mandates in schools and industries to stop the spread of COVID and variants.
  • Establishing 20,000 new testing sites across the country

Additionally, despite inheriting a crashed economy, a raging, mismanaged pandemic, a slim majority in the House and Senate, and corrupt opposition by the former president and the Republican party, our economy is at it’s strongest since the Reagan years. 5.8 million more people are working since last December, the stock market is up 16.8% and the S&P 500 has reached 41 new highs since I took office. Inflation has increased due to supply and demand issues, however, to address the issue, my Build Back Better Plan promises to decrease prices of products and services and make it easier for women to rejoin the workforce. The only reason this legislation has not been passed is because no Republican Senator will support it and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin continues to refuse to support it, even after the House negotiated the price down to $1.75 trillion from $3.5 trillion at his request.

My plan is supported by 70% of Americans because it will provide the average family with 1) lower healthcare costs, 2) lower prescription drug costs, 3) assistance with child and elder care costs, 4) reduced taxes, 5) climate change funding, and 6) paid family leaves. Seventeen Pulitzer Prize-winning economists say this bill will lower, not increase, inflation. A president is not a king, so all I can do is try to overcome the 100% percent obstruction by the Republicans and the 1% obstruction by Democrats to support Build Back Better. I urge every American who needs the benefits in my plan, despite your party affiliation, to call your senators and pressure them to vote for my project. Republican voters should reject the pressure by Mitch McConnell to 100% oppose my presidency and vote for what is best for your families and the country. If ending the Afghanistan War, cutting child poverty by 50%, getting over 200,000,000 Americans vaccinated, and reigniting the economy hasn’t called me even the support of one Republican, it seems the Democrats under my leadership are alone in the effort to improve the lives of ALL Americans.

America took a hit to its values under the leadership of Trump. There is a rise in white supremacy, violence, anti-Semitism, the spread of disinformation over truth, governmental corruption, obstruction of the rule of law, and cruel policies towards minorities, immigrants, and women. I believe both parties should commit to strengthening America and ALL Americans instead of trying to destroy each other. I think I’ve demonstrated civility, bipartisan respect, and loyalty to my oath to the Constitution. However, to preserve democracy, I will use all my power as president to oppose the authoritarian, corrupt assault some of my Republican colleagues are engaging in blind loyalty to a former president who America fairly did not re-elect.

A united America will get everything it needs to get done for every American to have what they need to be prosperous, safe, and happy. As you know, I have suffered tragic loss like millions of you have also endured. However, we have survived. Let’s find that strength again to save democracy and retrieve our core values

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