Donald Trump’s “Fine People On Both Sides” Charlottesville Neo- Nazi’s Lost The Civil Case Against Them And Must Pay $26 Million In Damages To Nine Plaintiffs Injured In The 2017 Racist Rally In North Carolina. Maybe They Should Ask Their Hero Trump To Pay The Fines For Their Hate Crimes. After All, He Supported Their Right To Commit Them. The Racism That Lives And Breathes Throughout Trump’s Being Is Chronicled In His Own Words And Actions. Additionally, Ever Notice That Historically Racist Hate Groups Are Usually Affiliated With The Republican Party, Not The Democrats?

Throughout His Presidency, Trump Has Dog-Whistled A Message Of Support And Acceptance For White Supremacist Groups
Trump Bans An Entire Race Of People From Entering America, Which Included Over 500 Million Africans. People Of Color Have Been Marginalized And Endangered By Trump’s Racist Policies.
Trump Could Have Just Given A Speech About Reducing Crime, Including Improving Screening Protocols For Immigrants And Refugees From All Countries. Instead, His Racist Rhetoric Towards People Of Color Was In Full View As He Targeted Mexicans As Rapists And Drug Addicts.
Trump Invites Violence Against Asian Americans By Calling The Coronavirus The “Kung Flu.” To Put The Blame On China For The Pandemic, Trump Sacrificed The Safety Of Asian-Americans By Stoking Asian Hatred With His “Kung Flu” Claims.
In the 1970’s, Trump’s Real Estate Practice Was To Routinely Tell Potential Black Renters There Were No Available Apartments Or He Inflated The Price Of The Units For Black Applicants

On August 13, 2020, Vox printed an article that recalled that “the Department of Justice — under the Nixon administration, out of all administrations — sued the Trump Management Corporation for violating the Fair Housing Act. Federal officials found evidence that Trump had refused to rent to Black tenants and lied to Black applicants about whether apartments were available, among other accusations. “

Regarding Putting Abolitionist Harriet Tubman On The Twenty Dollar Bill, Trump Was Reported By White House Staff To Have Said, ” You Want Me To Put That Face On The $20 Bill?” He
Avoided Making The Change Proclaiming His Favorite President, Andrew Jackson, Who Owned 161 Slaves, Deserved To Remain Honored On The Bill.
Despite Being Exonerated By DNA evidence And A Confession From The Real Killer, The Central Park Five Is Still Being Accused Of Having Raped A Jogger By The Racist, Criminally Investigated Donald Trump.
Trump Uses Having A Jewish Daughter ( Ivanka converted to Judaism) And Grandchildren To Deflect From His Constant Use Of Anti- Semitic,
Tropes That Perpetuates Hatred Towards Jews

It is widely reported that Fred Trump, Donald’s father, was a racist. A racist upbringing would explain the origin of Trump’s bigoted views of non-white, non-Christian people. The exposure to a racist worldview during developmentally crucial years when emotional and cognitive development takes place may play a part in how negatively Trump sees people of minority communities. However, we can’t blame his dad anymore. It is painful and frightening to watch how the former president enjoys stoking hatred between the races and political parties. President Biden’s call for morality and civility is the message all Americans must listen to and follow. Hatred and violence invoked by extremist Republicans must be rejected, and the two parties must reject the racism that permeates Trump’s ideology.

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