President Biden And The Democrat-Led House Of Representatives Scored A Great Victory Today For American Families By Passing The Build Back Better Bill. Americans Must Remember When They Vote In The Mid- Terms That Not One Republican Voted For The Bill Which Includes Paid Family Leave, Funding For Childcare, Lower Prices For Prescription Drugs, Climate Change Provisions, Healthcare Subsidies, Universal Pre-School And The Child Tax Credt. Republican Opposition Proves They Are The Party Of Rich, White Americans And Based On This Vote Against Infrastructure They Will Lose The Mid-Terms.

They Have GONE Into Violent Opposition To Democracy Led By The An Authoriatarian Ex- President And Wacky Conspiracy Theorist Congressmen.

Economists are in agreement that the social infrastructure bill will lower costs n all areas that affect the average American family. It will create millions of jobs and keep them here in America. Is it possible Trump supporters don’t need jobs or lower costs on goods and services? The Biden human infrastructure bill promises to deliver this much needed financial assistance and job opportunities for members of Trump’s working class base. However, MAGA enthusiasts who believe in Trump’s transparent lie that the election was stolen from him, should consider not partaking in the benefits that Biden’s plan will deliver to them. Many of Trump’s supporters exhibit similar character flaws to their exalted, failed leader. Selfish, grandiose, hostile and ungrateful atte just a few adjectives to describe MAGA followers. For example, how can a Trump supporter deny President Biden’s legitimacy as the duly elected U.S. President, and than hypocritically consume the benefits of the legislation he is passing? If his base believes Trump is still president, it makes no sense for them to see Biden’s accomplishments as legitimate or them as worthy beneficiaries.

Trump is a talented grifter who was among the rich who made money off of his presidency. Biden is legislating to elevate lower and middle income families. He does not obsess about poll numbers or create drama to bring attention to himself.  Trump approached the presidency like he was appearing on a reality show, reveling in creating drama, and spreading division and hatred throughout the country.

The Senate will be working on gutting Biden’s agenda, falsely claiming it will deepen the Trump deficit that Biden inherited. The bill will largely pay for itself by making people making over $400,000 pay their fair share of taxes. How do Trump supporters feel about picking up the slack for tax evaders like Donald Trump, Elin Musk, and Jeff Besos?  As in his personal life, Trump spent money like a drunken sailor as president with no plan about how to pay for his agenda. Biden is accomplishing more for families in less than one year than Trump, ” the faux president” did in four years. He did accomplish a tax cut for the rich that never paid for itself and “we the people” are now burdened with his debting.

Republicans do not support social programs, choosing to falsely brand them as socialism and brand themselves as the party of fiscal conservatism. However, historically Republican presidents have caused the last 9 out of 10 recessions and the    “stable genius” Trump ballooned the debt by 7.8 trillion dollars.

Trump’s most enduring legacy could be the historical rise in the national debt and deficit during his presidency. He was trashing the economy before the pandemic revealing his horrible skills as a businessman. Throughout his career, his strategy for success included filing multiple bankruptcies, not paying taxes, and bilking contractors out of money he owed them. As president, he spent and borrowed and played political games instead of passing legislation like the Biden infrastructure bill to transform the average American family.

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