Not A Surprise, The Most Blatantly Bigoted President Of All Time Was Seen Doing The Racist Tomahawk Gesture At The World Series Game In Atlanta. Trump Has Demonstrated A Decades Long Pattern Of Racist Ideology And Revisiting His Legacy Of White Supremacist Leanings Must Be Revisited So We Never Forget Who He Is And How He Must Never Be Elected To Public Office Again!

Trump and Melania, one of his many opportunistic enablers, purposely or stupidly participated with glee in an outdated dog whistle to a racist view against Native Americans.

Trump has opposed all efforts to participate in the healing of America’s long history of racism. His favorite target has been Aftican Americans, however he hasn’t taken all opportunity, when politically advantageous, to disparage Native Americans, Hispanics and Jews. His alliance with Israel and it’s former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been seen by many Jewish people a distraction from his alliance with white supremacist, anti- Semitic groups.


Racist in Chief: It is Sad, True, and Anti-Democratic and Trump Policies Are Proof of it

You don’t have to be a politician or social scientist to see that within Trump’s policies lie strategies to punish, marginalize or criminalize blacks, Hispanics, the poor, women, handicapped, and the LGBTQ community. Have you noticed the public figures that he disparages are usually people of color, such as Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Rev. Al Sharpton, Congressman Elijah Cummings, journalists Joy Reid and Amy Ryan, to name a few? If you scan his cabinet and staff, it is evident that diversity is not an essential issue to Trump.

So like his father, (who it is said he looked up to), Trump, as a private citizen and as President, has verbalized racial insults and created racist and misogynistic leaning policies. His methodology to combat illegal immigration such as today’s ICE raids and the inhumane detention practices at the border is evidence that Trump just simply wants a white country. This shows his racism and ignorance as he is pursuing a goal that isn’t possible. America is, and will always be a racially, culturally diverse country. This also reveals that his policies are not lawful and are not about strengthening America, but rather about gaining power and enriching his brand and finances off of the backs of hard-working American people.

It can be speculated that this racist, his white supremacist world view began with modeling from his father, Fred Trump, who had associations with the Ku Klux Klan and had demonstrated proven discriminatory acts in his real estate properties in New York decades ago.

Examples of rhetoric expose his bigotry and evil inclinations for groups other than white Christians:

The birther conspiracy theory against the first black president Barack Obama, The Muslim ban, calling Mexicans rapists, referring to white supremacist at a Charlottesville March, “good people,” physically mimicking a handicapped journalist, targeting women of color by falsely accusing them of low intelligence, disparaging Judge Curiel as being biased against him because he is Mexican, embracing people that hold racist beliefs such as Sheriff Arpaio, Jeanine Piro, Steven Miller, banning LGBTQ Americans from serving in the armed forces, trying to get a citizenship question on the census questionnaire, wanting to build a wall on the southern boarder, calling countries populated by mostly black and brown people, “shithole countries”, cutting off aid to Central America, putting migrants in cages and separating families, appointing an all white administration cabinet members except one unqualified black man, supporting policies that favor unfair redistricting practices, referring to a black man in the audience as ” my African American”, disparaging Puerto Rico and it’s people as ungrateful during the devastation of their country from hurricanes, branding Colin Kaepernik and other black athletes as unpatriotic for taking the knee over the disproportionate killings of black men by police, calling for congresswomen of color to go back to the countries they come from, when they are American born citizens, tear gassing Black Lives Matter demonstrators, defender of the racist symbols from the Civil War like the Confederate flag and statues of the traitorous General Robert E. Lee, etc.

The only reason Trump has survived this long is because of the protection he gets from Republican Senators in Congress, especially the Moscow-friendly, chief obstructionist of bipartisanship Mitch McConnell. However, even his enablers couldn’t save him from impeachment or legal vulnerability if the Senate would have stood up for the rule of law, the separation of powers and the morals and values that America stands for. The media should start printing, tweeting and naming these Republican Senators daily as complicit, opportunistic, racist politicians who are too afraid of Trump to act like ethical employees of the American people.The people Trump surrounds himself with are complicit in this Administration’s tenure as being a stain of shame on our country. History will remember them as unpatriotic weaklings that sold America out for a paycheck and membership in Trump’s club of criminal elites. STOP REPOST

Watching Trump and Melania making the tomahawk chop with big smiles was a reminder of how vapid, insensitive, bigoted, and self-serving they are. President Biden has been saddled with cleaning up after Trump’s disastrous economic crash, his mishandling of the pandemic, the failure of his foreign policy, and the degrading of America’s morality. Despite the fact the Republican party is completely corrupted and Trump has created a cult of millions of gullible followers, President Biden is restoring the rule of law, decency and the fight for the middle class over billionaire, tax- evading elites.

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