Trump Is Stupidly Sabotaging His “Big Lie” Scam By Calling For State Election Recounts Where The Results Keep Proving He Lost. In Idaho, The Results Showed Biden’s Exact Count Was Confirmed, And Trump Lost By Eight More Votes. In Arizona, The Recount Showed He Lost The Election By 360 More Votes Than Originally Thought. The Shame Of Legitimately Losing To Joe Biden Is Driving Trump To Sabotage Himself By Proving Through Recounts He Actually Did Lose.

Trump Keeps Proving The Election Wasn’t Stolen. The “Big Lie” Is Fizzling Out

One can only wonder if someone in Trump’s world is out to expose him for the grifter and liar he is. Why isn’t anyone talking him out of conducting recounts in states that have thoroughly certified the election results? Even more humiliating was his declaration at a Georgia rally last week that the Arizona recount proved he actually won ” big”. If he still believes he won the state after the recount proved he lost, than he is delusional. If he knows he lost, but declares he won, than he is gaslighting his followers and treating them like idiots.

Next on the Trump-World recount tour is Pennsylvania. Election attorney Larry Otter says; “the possibility of finding a mammoth fraud on a statewide basis is zero. This is a colossal waste of taxpayer money.”

On September 15th the Pennsylvania “Go Erie” News reported the Republican-led House:

“Issued subpoenas to get personal information on Pennsylvanians and more were approved Wednesday in a 7-4 party-line vote by the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee.  In addition to the Social Security numbers, the committee is seeking a list of the more than 9 million registered voters in Pennsylvania, including their names, dates of birth, addresses, dates of their votes in the November 2020 general election and May 2021 primary.” This action which violates the privacy of Pennsylvanians is being challenged by the Democratic attorney general’s office. Republican state officials seem willing to violate any norm or law to avoid the wrath of revenge Trump guiltlessly inflicts on anyone who opposes him. Why don’t all Republican officials just unite, tell him to blow off, and neuter his power over them?

Here is another crazy, sabotaging move by Trump. Although he won the state of Texas by 30 points he is showing poor political judgment by asking Governor Greg Abbott to call recounts in four Texas counties. He is so obsessed with having lost re-election, he is desperately trying to change the vote in any county or state that might cheat for him. How desperate is it to try to get more votes in a state where he won? It is cringe-worthy and disturbing to hear Trump publicly declare he won elections that everyone knows he lost. The EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES, and no one will tell him.

All Trump has to do is insist on a recount by a state government, and they will comply. He costs taxpayers millions of dollars to fund his ” big lie” charade. Over-spending other people’s money is a sport for Trump. By convincing his gullible loyalists the election was rigged, he motivates them to donate money to him to fight the “stolen” election and be reinstated as president. If he believes that can happen in a democracy, he is either delusional, ignorant, or a criminal. Why don’t his supporters realize their donations are now his primary source of income to fund himself and not advocate policies to help their day-to-day lives? Maybe only watching Fox News and following conspiracy theory websites are the blinding factors.

Another strategy behind the pursuit of election recounts may be an attempt to create doubt in election integrity. This would set the stage for future claims by Republicans that elections they lose are rigged. Do Republican voters notice that the pattern of election fraud claims occurs only where Republicans lose? The Department of Justice should prosecute the “big lie” scam as a crime against democracy. Trump isn’t legally protected by the presidency anymore, so it’s time for justice to be served. Hopefully, Attorney General Merrick Garland won’t wimp out like Robert Mueller did.

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