The White-Identity Threat Is The Real “Big Lie”. Why Are White People So Afraid Of A Diverse America? There Is No Lynching Museum In America Showing The Hanging Of Thousands Of White People.  There Are Zero Holocaust Museums In America Memorializing Thousands of White People Who Were Gassed And Shot? The White- Fear Racist Movement Of Donald Trump Is A Scam, A Con Job To Win Elections By Pitting Whites Against Diverse Populations. Minority Communities Are Uninterested In Committing Violence Against White People Unless It’s To Defend Themselves If Attacked.

Black America and other communities of color have no evil intentions, agendas, or rhetoric about the white race. Angry, negative narratives occur only in defense when provoked by white supremacist groups or white members of Congress who disparage the Black Lives Matter Movement, promote voter suppression measures, and push for gerrymandering that unfairly influences the vote. The movements by minorities focus on equal justice, claiming their rights, and exposing racist or violent policies or rhetoric against racial equality. Minority groups are not driven to assert power over others; they seek only to claim their own ability to survive and thrive.

The National Memorial of Justice and Peace opened in Montgomery, Alabama in 2018. At that time the New York Times reported “it is dedicated to the victims of American white supremacy. And it demands a reckoning with one of the nation’s least recognized atrocities: the lynching of thousands of black people in a decades-long campaign of racist terror.” Additionally, there are approximately 36 Holocaust museums throughout the United States. In a recent article, Forbes Magazine reported a 115% increase in incidences of anti- Semitism in America. In 2020, NBC reported a 150% increase in incidences of violence against Asian Americans. The blatant anti- American ideology promoted by Trump Republicans that America is a white Christian country is a lie that fuels white-fear and white supremacy. The “white-identity fear” is unfounded and exists solely because of the politically racist rhetoric of the former unstable president and the wing of the Republican party that sees power as more important than democracy and decency.

White Americans have nothing to fear about communities of color and immigrants outnumbering the white population. These communities, are led by the black community and it’s centuries long passionate, fight for equal freedoms, not dominance, enslavement or the minimization of others. Trump calls Asians liars, Mexicans rapists, and South American refugees,  “caravans of terror” is a weell-scripted hate manifesto to secure enough white votes in red states to win power for powers sake, not to fulfill the intentions of the Constitution and the vision of the founding fathers for a survivalble democracy.

Politically correct pundits discourage criticizing, demonizing or deingrating Trump supporters and Republican members of Congress who cheer on the lies, conspiracy theories, and spread hateful, race-based rhetoric. This blog disagrees with that perspective. The Trump base and what they think and want is bad for democracy and they don’t derserve concern about their egos or feelings. Trump keeps feeding them lies that are proven to be false. Additionally, he demonizes the second party of our two-party democracy to the point of promoting hatred towards anyone who is not white or Christian.

White America must learn to accept the inevitable, continued increase of minority populations, become educated on the traits and values of different cultures, and stop listening to the lies of racist politicians who enjoy scaring them to get their vote. Unity will help America BUILD BACK BETTER.

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