Why Are The Republicans Afraid Of Investigations Into The January 6th Insurrection? Why Do They Keep Voting Against Further Investigations Into How The Attack Was Organized, Why Security At The Capitol Failed, Or Whether Trump Or Any Members Of Congress Helped Organize Or Enable The Attack? It Appears The Republicans Are Conducting Anti- Democracy Cover-Up As Their Strategy To Regain Control Of The House And Senate, Even If It Destroys Our Democracy. Speaker Nancy Pelosi Has Formed A Committee To Find The Truth.

Republicans clearly think their voting base is morons. And are they right? Video after video being released by the FBI shows violent rioters beating the Capitol and DC police who are trying to protect the Capitol and members of Congress. The videos reveal Trump supporters shouting threats of physical violence to Vice- President Mike Pence and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. There are visuals of many of the rioters wearing clothing displaying anti-Semitic, racist messages. Republican officials assume their voters will watch this clear video evidence of insurrection and violence and believe the GOP spin that they are watching brave patriots trying to save democracy.

Corrupt cleverness only works with uneducated, gullible people and we are learning those descriptors disproportionately fit Republican voters in red states. Every state certified its election results in the 2020 election. Attorney General and Trump ally William Barr announced no significant election fraud occurred and the Trump-stacked Supreme Court agreed. Over 65 courts threw out baseless claims of fraud and the 2020 presidential election have been declared one of the most fraud-free elections in US history. Yet despite this overwhelming proof that the “stolen election big lie” is a false claim, Trump supporters don their stupid-looking hats and shirts in support of Trump’s “big lie” and precision attack on democracy. Maybe mental health exams and tests on the Constitution should someday be requirements to vote…

Many members of Congress who are seen in the videos scurrying in fear to protect themselves are the same officials who are now white-washing the insurrection to distract from the truth;


Republicans in the House of Representatives and the Senate recently voted against forming a bipartisan commission to investigate what led up to the insurrection. They are blatantly indifferent to why the security at the Capitol was unprepared for the scope of the attack, and which individuals, (including Donald Trump or members of Congress), enabled and incited the attack whose goal was to stop the certification of a democratic presidential election. This obstruction of fact-finding can only be interpreted as a cover-up.

The corrupt, character-flawed minority leader Mitch McConnell has intimidated the Senate to vote against more investigations as a strategy to distract attention away from the obvious; that the party leader, Donald Trump incited the insurrection, and many Republican members of Congress supported and maybe enabled it. Immediately after the Capitol attack, Mc Connell went public on video and said, ” the president is morally and practically responsible for inciting the attack on the Capitol.” He added the mob was “fed lies” and the president and others provoked the violence. Since those statements, Mc Connell has blocked any Republican support of congressional investigations into the insurrection.

While the jitters of being hunted down by Trump rioters were fresh on his mind, House minority Kevin McCarthy came out blaming the president for inciting the mob. He made a statement in Congress saying, “the president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol by mob rioters. He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. These facts require immediate actions by President Trump.” Six months later he has been obsessively kissing Trump’s ass, downplaying the insurrection, and obstructing a congressional investigation. Are McConnell and McCarthy protecting members of Congress who they know encouraged and supported the rioters?

McConnell is a partisan power-monger who is disinterested in the truth if it threatens his power and Republican dominance of Congress. Trump supporters are also proving the love of a person, their personality, and the rally culture are more important than the survival of the democracy established by the founding fathers. However, despite the ignorance and corruption, Trump lost the election and Democrats control the House and The Senate. There is a reason for hope.

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