Donald J. Trump, the President Of The United States Is A Tax Evader. The New York Times Published An Article Citing Legally-Obtained Documents Showing Trump Has Not Paid Federal Taxes In Ten Years.  TheTax Scam, Corroborated By His Former Attorney Michael Cohen And Official Tax Documents, Is To Inflate His Income When Pursuing A Loan, And Decrease His Income When Filing His Taxes. Republican Officials And Trump Supporters Who Have Enabled Him Should Be Forced To Compensate America For Knowingly Supporting His Crimes.

Mobsters and dictators are famous for cheating on their taxes. On the contrary, all U.S. presidents since tax-cheating president Richard Nixon have revealed their taxes to the public and paid what they owed to the federal government. Hillary Clinton warned us in 2015 that Trump continuously did not pay his taxes. His arrogant remark then was, ” that makes me smart.” That comment was an admission that he does cheat on his taxes and feels entitled to do so. Patriots realize the country needs people to pay their fair share of taxes to fund the government to sustain infrastructure and protect programs that improve the lives of American citizens.

Since the tax fraud information was exposed by the Times, Trump has been trying to deflect attention from it by pivoting to his rushed Supreme Court nomination to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Although the far-right religious wing of the Republican party is reveling in another Trump unethical power grab, 58% of the American people oppose it and reject the hypocrisy of this political move. Despite his attempt at deflection, the New York Times story revealing his tax problems is trending as the #1 issue along with the state of the COVID-19 pandemic. Both of these issues expose Trump to be an incompetent leader and a cheater. American democracy has been assaulted by Trump time after time, crime after crime since he took office.  The tax evasion scandal is the latest crime to be uncovered.

The Mueller Report discovered crimes directly against what the American Constitution stands for.  These findings would have ended any other presidency.  However, the autocratic Attorney General William Barr failed to execute his oath of office to protect America by upholding the rule of law. Instead, he defended the president by lying about the findings of the Russia investigation. Barr is possibly in as much legal trouble as Trump is regarding their failure to protect our democracy against Russia’s interference in our democracy. 

The tax fraud evidence validates Trump’s decades-long pattern of cheating people out of money through business scams and refusing to pay people for services he hired them to perform. Also concerning in the NYT report is the amount of debt Trump has. It is estimated he may owe over $400 million and intelligence agencies are concerned about how this debt might influence his dealings with foreign countries. It is a threat to national security for an American president to owe money to foreign countries as it could influence how they either defend or abandon the Constitution.

The love of Trump’s life is money. Whether it’s about making money, ripping someone off, manipulating the stock market with tweets, lying on his taxes, or buying gold toilets,  those who know Trump say he lives and breathes for money.  Trump’s gullible supporters believe his love of money will keep America rich and put more cash in their bank accounts. Still, in truth, before the Apprentice reality show happened, Trump publicly admitted he was in deep financial trouble.  He is not known for being smart or honest in the business world.  His reputation in New York was so tarnished it became impossible for him to obtain a bank loan in America, which is why he started borrowing money from foreign banks.

Nancy Pelosi and countless members of the intelligence community express concern about who Trump is in debt to.  It is crucial for Americans to understand the danger of having a president who has extreme financial problems while in office.  We cannot trust Trump will make trade deals that improve the average American’s life because the concern about his insurmountable debt may lessen his loyalty to the country’s interests over his own.  Additionally, his record of failed business ventures and bankruptcies predicts he is incapable of rebuilding an economy which is fallen into a recession. How many more acts against democracy does Trump have to make before Republicans will choose country over party?


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