Martha McSally is the Latest Senator to Act Like an Arrogant Jerk to Kiss Up to Trump. She Called Respected CNN Journalist Manu Raju a Derogatory Name Simply Because He Asked Her a Question She Didn’t Want to Answer. Arizona Should Vote Her Out. She Doesn’t Deserve to Sit in John McCain’s Seat.

Martha McSally professionally degraded herself this week and degraded the office she holds. The respect for her past military service is becoming tainted. She inappropriately attacked CNN reporter Manu Raju when he asked her whether she would vote to allow witnesses and evidence to be introduced in the Senate trial. She angrily called him ” a liberal hack.” The question rattled her because she is either terrified of Trump or is as arrogant and crass as he is. Being a state senator in a position of high esteem and weak opportunists do not deserve to hold the office. Regarding the Raju incident, she arrogantly told Wolf Blitzer on CNN she wouldn’t apologize for her rude comment to him. Trump also never apologizes, so obviously McSally has done her homework.

Many Republicans have lowered their character by pledging allegiance to Trump and the party. Senator Lindsey Graham has become a hypocritical laughing stock. Many Republicans cringe as he cowers and submits to any demand Trump makes of him. In 2015, Graham called Trump “a kook (with not much space in his head), xenophobic, and unfit for office”. However, Graham currently applauds Trump’s performance as president and agrees with him publicly on almost every policy issue. The hypocrisy and pandering to Trump’s whims have caused him to be seen as an embarrassment to himself.

In 2015, acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney called Trump ” a disgusting human being.” However, he currently defends Trump’s most erratic behaviors to advance his own far-right conservative views.

Some Republicans have opted to retire early or leave the party in disgust over the divisive, corrupt, and low-class antics of the Trump presidency. But officials, like the newly anointed loudmouth Martha McSally, are gambling to lose their personal integrity to stay in favor with Trump. Why Republicans have settled for an unqualified bully who is massively disliked and disrespected to represent their party is baffling. Hopefully, more conservatives will join former Governor Bill Weld and run for president. The Republican base just might respond to a more positive conservative choice than the mob-like cronyism of Trump.

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