America Is Waiting For Attorney General Merritt Garland To Charge Trump For Inciting An Insurrection, Obstruction Of Justice, Election Interference or Stealing Classified Records From The US Government. The Mid-Terms Are Over And Trump Thinking Running For President Will Save Him Is Delusional. Garland Says,  “No One Is Above The Law.”

Donald Trump has lied more and broken more laws than any president in US history. Those who know Merrick Garland say don’ t be fooled by his low-key demeanor or the slow pace of his investigation. He is known to be meticulous in his approach to gathering evidence and assessing whether a case is winnable. As a former federal judge, Garland takes the Constitution and justice seriously. However, will he accept the responsibility of being the first attorney general to indict a former president is the question America is not sure about. Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen suggests Garland should resign if he doesn’t’ want to take that controversial, historic action. Constitutional experts overwhelmingly agree, Trump should be indicted for the crimes because the evidence is public and undeniable.

Trump continues to take actions consistent with desperation and guilt. Since he lost re-election, he has continued to lie about the 2020 election being stolen from him, when it has been proven there was no fraud. He has dodged legal subpoenas issued by Congress and is currently suing the Jan 6th Committee to avoid testifying in the investigation of his role in the Capitol insurrection. He repeatedly pled the fifth during a deposition in the civil defamation case filed by E. Jean Carroll, He is abusing the court system with bogus lawsuits to delay the progress of investigations against him. He is the most non-transparent, blatantly dishonest propaganda-spreading former president in American history. That claim about Trump is based on facts, not opinion. His talent at gaslighting has convinced millions of vulnerable Americans that he is the victim, not the criminal.

His hypocrisy is obvious to anyone who has followed his public statements and not relied on claims he makes during his manic performances at his circus rallies. He has publicly said, ” only the mafia pleads the fifth”, then pled the fifth hundreds of times while under oath. On 2015 he stated, “anyone being investigated by the FBI should not be president of the United States.” He was referring to his opponent Hillary Clinton, however, now claims investigations against him are witch hunts. He called for Hunter Biden to be charged with crimes, but hinted he would pardon his kids if they were accused of crimes. He professes his love of Christianity and the Bible, yet has broken most of the Commandments. Most of the candidates he backed during the mid-terms lost because many republican Americans were able to see and reject the threat to democracy they presented. To keep his base under his spell by promoting distrust in our government and democracy, Trump has repeatedly told them:
Justice is coming and he knows it. The true victims are members of his MAGA base who have been gaslighted into a state of fear and hatred. The constant media hype about the power of his base voters has contributed to a distorted belief about their control over the survival of democracy. The mid-term results should change that narrative.
The democrats successes in the mid-term answered that question. Even red state voters saw the threat that Trump candidates posed to democracy and voted against them, especially the election deniers. Even the majority if white Christians supported a woman’s right to reproductive freedom. Trump is becoming as outdated as vaudeville. However, he is too narcissistic to see that and his base is too gullible and star-struck to accept it. Mid-term voters have given a fatal blow to the hyped up threat of Trumpism taking over American democracy.
The time is now. The crimes are apparent. The evidence is extensive. Running for president should have no relevance to pursuing justice and choosing the rule of law over concerns about political criticism.

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