A SERIOUS WARNING TO MAGA TRUMP VOTERS! READ, RESEARCH AND ACCEPT FACTS OVER PARTISAN RHETORIC. Americans Who Vote For Alt-Right Election Deniers Without Researching The Facts On Major Issues Deserve To Be Called Gullible And Stupid. The Republican Party Is Relying On Lying, Threatening Violence, And Conspiracy Theories To Win Elections Because The Policies They Stand For Are Actually Horrible For Their Base. If You Can’t Stomach Voting For A Democrat, DON’T VOTE AT ALL!

TRUMP AND MAGA POLITICIANS ARE USING LIES TO GASLIGHT THEIR BASE TO BELIEVE FALSE, ANTI-AMERICAN NARRATIVES. MAGA voters have to stop believing what they are told at those crazy, circus rallies or on Fox News. Research, read and listen to non- partisan news outlets to get the facts. Facts are concrete and measurable. Opinion and hyperbolic rhetoric are not facts.

If Republican voters don’t vote against the MAGA election deniers in the mid-terms, they will be complicit in the ending of democracy, the ending of affordable health care, the loss of programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, increasing pharmaceutical costs, and promoting a dangerous infiltration of Russia, Saudi Arabia and other autocratic fake democracies into our government. They will be promoting racism, normalizing violence, and causing the destruction of their beloved Christian religion by electing fake Christian politicians.

Trump voters have proven to be hypnotized by celebrity candidates and hate- filled rallies. They have bought into the lie of a stolen election without being shown proof. Why don’t they ask their election denying candidates for proof? Be responsible, show patriotism and ask for truth. They have been convinced to believe that criminals, liars, adulterers and hypocrites share their Christian values and care about democracy. Without researching the complexity of economics they believe inflation has been 100% caused by President Biden and the democrats. They are following the example of Trump who never reads and as president made policies that consistently conflicted with our Constitution. By not researching assertions made by the election denying republican candidates they remain ignorant to facts and truth. If everything that Fox News reports or MAGA candidates say is believed, republican voters will remain vulnerable to laws that will hurt them, their families and the country. Election denying candidates will make America great only for rich, racist, corrupt politicians and billionnaires. Why won’t republican voters research the GOP platform? If they do, they will find the average Trump supporter will suffer the most from the Trump, McCarthy, McConnell policies.

Why do Republican voters avoid asking how Trump, McConnell, or McCarthy plan to reduce inflation, sustain affordable healthcare, or combat climate change? Why don’t they insist these politicians promise there will be no cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security? Are they afraid to find out the Wizard of Oz is a fake?

The Republican base has been shamelessly manipulated by the MAGA republicans to be afraid of immigrants and minorities, They have been duped into believing that billionaire candidates who support cutting taxes for the rich will benefit them financially (despite that never happens). They believe proven liars who laugh at violence against their opponents and incite violence that promotes voter suppression are defenders of democracy. They accept the premise that any election their party loses is rigged. They excuse the hateful rhetoric, pro- autocracy ideology of Trump and the conspiracy theories because they like the promise of America being all white, all Christian and a one-party Republican system.


  • The causes and facts about inflation: Costs as a result of the Covid pandemic, the price of supporting Ukraine against Putin’s invasion, corrupt corporate price gauging, a struggling global economy, supply chain disruption and the affects of climate change.
  • Climate change : The sea levels are rising, the mountain glaciers are melting, ice is melting at an increased rate in Antartica, the Artic and Greenland. There is an increase in global warming, intensity and frequency of hurricanes and wildfires. FACTS NOT A HOAX.
  • The Covid Pandemic: Over 1,066,000 people have died from COVID. The virus spreads through human-to-human contact. Masking, social distancing, testing, and vaccinations have helped reduce Covid hospitalizations and deaths. Trump’s mishandling and minimizing of COVID crashed the economy and incited violent resistance to public health safety.
  • The Donald Trump Investigations: All of the investigations are based on concrete actions Trump has taken: 1) Audio tape exists proving he asked the Georgia secretary of state to find enough votes to give him a win in Georgia, 2) We saw and heard him lying about the election being stolen to an armed crowd on Jan. 6 and directing them to the Capitol before the electoral college votes could be certified, 3) The Trump Organization committed tax fraud, 4) Sixty-five courts found no merit to Trump’s claims that 2020 was fraudulent, 5) Trump and his surrogates supported attempts to replace fake electors to vote for Trump and overturn Biden’s win, 6) Trump removed classified government documents from the White House, hid them at MARA-a-Lago, and refused continuous requests by the FBI to give them back.
  • Immigration: Democrats and the Biden Administration do not support open borders. Legislation to support legal immigration and compassionate aide to asylum seekers is consistent with the Constitution and the decree in support of immigration inscribed on the Statue of Liberty. Trump’s policies demonized immigrants and supported restricting immigration from black and brown populated countries. There is no racist policies present in Biden’s immigration reform efforts.
  • The 2020 presidential election: Sixty-five courts found no merit to Trump’s claims of election fraud. Trump enabler Attorney General William Barr investigated Trump’s claims and found no fraud. Trump’s attorney’s testified under oath to the Jan. 6 committee that they told him there was no fraud and that he lost the election to Joe Biden. White House staff witnessed Trump being told he lost re-election. There is indisputable evidence that the ” big lie” strategy to steal the election was invented by corrupt attorneys Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and John Eastman. There is evidence Trump knew it was a scam and liked and supported the strategy IT HAS BEEN PROVEN TRUMP KNEW HE LOST.
  • Critical Race Theory: There is no evidence that Critical Race Theory is being taught in K through 12 schools. It is a college-level subject that examines American history through the lens of racism. It discusses how different races have been deprived of individual rights and opportunities throughout America history. CRT analyzes historical facts about race and racism and is not a demonizing, anti-white theory.
  • The Overturning of Roe v Wade: Roe v Wade was a 50-year established law granting reproductive freedom to women to obtain an abortion. The overturning of federal protection for abortion rights has resulted in the loss of a personal, legal liberty for millions of women and girls. The Republican position against a woman’s right to obtain an abortion is a religious, church-based argument. The Constitution establishes the separation of church and state in our government. Republicans are injecting the Christian religion in policymaking.

The people of the United States of America must vote to save democracy. No other issue is as important as stopping the assault on the rule of law by corrupt, criminal, autocratic, lying politicians. The price of gas is coming down. Drug prices are coming down. Wages are increasing. The cost of chicken and beef will eventually decrease; however, if we lose our democracy, we won’t have an appetite to eat our reasonably priced food. We will be too focused on whether our nuclear secrets will be shared with Russia, if affordable healthcare, Medicare, or Social Security programs will survive, if you or your family will fall victim to a mass shooting by assault weapons the GOP love, so do much or if your vote will ever count again.

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