If Trump Supporters Are Fully Confident In Their Evaluation Of Trump Being Brilliant, Law-Abiding, Innocent, And Moral, They Should Be Willing To Answer Questions That Force Them To Assess The Accuracy Or Feasibility Of Their Beliefs. They Should Be Willing To Risk Finding Out If They Are Wrong And Have Been Brainwashed. Voting For Candidates Who Call Every Election They Lose Fraudulent And Who Incite Violence Is Anti-democratic And The Reason Why Democrats Need To Remain In Power.

Trump has long seen himself as a cult leader of people he believes would support him even if he “shot someone on fifth avenue.” His road to the presidency relied on developing a scam, along with anarchists,  eccentrics and propagandists like Steve Bannon and Roger Stone that could dupe masses of gullible people. Bannon is on his way to prison for obstruction of justice and Stone was pardoned by Trump after being convicted for lying to the FBI. These ” heroes” of the Republican base are the kind of seedy, fringe characters that Trump has surrounded himself with his whole career. Bannon and Stone have long been enemies of the American democracy.  Like Trump, they have no respect for the Constitution and see the kind of violence that dictators promote as a tool to deconstruct the American government. Trump continues to act in opposition to the American way of life, seeming to favor dictators and autocracies.  To blindly believe the MAGA ideology of Trump and his cronies  without being given proof of their negative assertions is juvenile, dangerous and unpatriotic.

To prove they love America more than any particular individual or party, Trump supporters should be willing to answer these questions publicly and honestly:

  • Are you aware Republicans have announced cutting programs like Medicare and Social Security on a yearly basis as part of their agenda?
  • Do you believe the stolen government documents belong to Trump and not the US government? If yes, what is that belief based on?
  • Do you want the US to be a one-party system of Republicans only?
  • If Trump and the Republican party supports law enforcement, why have they criticized the efforts of the Capitol and DC police for doing their duty by defending the Capitol and members of Congress during the insurrection?
  • Do you know Trump and the Republicans have shown no concern for the police officers who were injured and killed during the insurrection? Do you think that’s right?
  • If you’re a Christian and your candidate violates Christian values, why do you still vote for them?
  • Explain why you think so many Trump allies and attorneys have been indicted or jailed for committing federal crimes on his behalf.
  • Why do you think so many Republican military generals and admirals have declared Trump is unfit to be Commander-in- Chief of the military and is a danger to national security?
  • Are you aware no Republicans supported the Inflation Reduction Act which cut the cost of prescription drugs for seniors?
  • What plan is Mitch McConnell and the Republican party proposing to lower the rate of inflation?
  • Why do you think Republicans voted against the bill that raised the tax rate on billionaires?
  • How much did your wages and savings account increase under Trump’s presidency?
  • What actions do you think President Biden took that increased the price of gas?
  • Are you aware that the COVID Pandemic and the Ukraine War created the inflation we are experiencing?
  • Do you understand what a “supply chain” problem is and what caused it?
  • Do you believe whatever you are told without asking to be shown evidence to prove the truth? If no, than why aren’t you insisting Trump and his attorney’s reveal evidence of the fraud they are claiming occurred?
  • If Trump became president, would you feel comfortable if he invited Putin, the Saudi Crown Prince, and Kim Jong Un to meet with him at the White House?
  • If Barack Obama stole classified government documents and lied to the FBI about it, would you want him arrested? Explain yes or no.
  • Donald Trump has publically admitted to breaking the law claiming a president can do anything he wants. Do you believe any president of either party can violate laws and not be charged?
  • To fully embrace the claim that President Biden is not the legitimate president, shouldn’t you refuse to accept any financial benefits that have resulted from his policies?
  • Does your support of abortion bans mean you will also support government control of the use of contraception and your private sexual practices?
  • Would you support eliminating lifetime appointments of federal and Supreme Court judges? Explain yes or no answer.
  • Are you in favor of violence towards people of the opposite political party?
  • If it is proven that Trump broke the law and is indicted, will you become violent?
  • Do you think Trump’s friends like Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, The Pillow Guy, Rudy Giuliani, and Marjorie Taylor Greene are good for American democracy? If so, explain why their lies, racist comments, and conspiracy theories strengthen American democracy?
  • Why do you tolerate low character and criminal behavior in candidates?
  • Why do Republicans support big government involvement in gun laws but prefer the states to decide on abortion?
  • How will you react if your candidate declares the mid-term elections was stolen if they lose?
  • Are you getting bored the the “big lie” and the constant whining by Trump about being investigated?
  • Would you consider sending back any money you received from President Biden’s American Rescue Plan?
  • Explain why you think Trump can be trusted to tell the truth? Can you explain why he never has evidence to prove his assertions and accusations?
  • Trump has been captured on tape and video lying about his crimes. Do you believe it is acceptable for politicians to lie if they are members of your party?
Country Over Party! Democrats govern to protect democracy, not any one candidate.

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