Donald Trump Thought A Special Master Would Rule In His Favor By Limiting The Scope Of The DOJ Investigation Into The Stolen Documents. However, Judge Raymond Dearie Isn’t Going For Trump’s Game Of Making Accusations Without Presenting Evidence. Dearie is telling Trump’s lawyers that they need to say clearly in court “whether the president ever declassified anything” and “whether they actually believe and have evidence that anything was planted at Mar-a-Lago.”(Axios, Sept. 25, 2022).

Judge Dearie is telling Trump and his lawyers to “put up or shut up”. He is demanding they present evidence to prove their allegations that the FBI planted incriminating evidence against him during the search at Mara-A-Lago. Judge Dearie is also demanding the Trump team present evidence on their assertion that Trump declassified the stolen documents. Finally Trump’s playbook of lying and falsely claiming to be a victim of witchhunts is about to be exposed for the scam that it is. Trump’s narcissism convinced him that demanding a special master to oversee the investigation would kill the DOJ’s pursuit of charges. Judge Dearie isn’t going to be played by the con man.

The judiciary continues to be the ray of hope that indicates democracy will survive. Trump has used and abused the court system his entire adult life. However, 65 judges ruled against his attempts to steal the election by falsely claiming election fraud. Even the Supreme Court  refused a request from Trump to block the release of White House records concerning the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, effectively rejecting his claim of executive privilege which cleared the way for the House committee investigating the riot to start receiving the documents hours later. (The New York Times, Jan. 19, 2022). More recently, the 11th Court of Appeals overturned MAGA Judge Aileen Cannon’s ruling that protected Trump from criminal vulnerability in the DOJ’s investigation of the stolen classified documents. The court ruled to permit the Justice Department to resume its use of classified records seized from the former president’s Florida estate as part of its ongoing criminal investigation. (NPR, Jan. 21, 2022).

Except for a few random corrupt, MAGA judges with partisan loyalties to Trump, our judiciary is still proving to be loyal to the Constitution. Even Trump- appointed judges have ruled against his false claims of election fraud in the 2020 election. Judges of both parties shy away from voting against the Constitution as a gesture of loyalty to the president who appointed them. Trump views a president as having ultimate power. He claims a president can do anything they want.….

The special master, along with other widely respected lawyers and Constitutional scholars eviscerated all the major components of Judge Cannon’s Trump-protecting ruling on the Mara-A-Lago stolen document scandal. The special master pointed out the legal flaws in Judge Cannon’s opinion that exposed her as unqualified for such a high appointment on the federal bench. The avalanche of legal criticism of her ruling has exposed Cannon as a partisan, corrupt judicial plant by Trump and Mc Connell. The danger to democracy continues to increase in part because corrupt, disordered presidents and congressional leaders (who care more about power than the preserving the Constitution) can appoint partisan federal judges to rule against the law. Judge Dearie is an example of how a judge who follows the law will rule against fraud, coups, dangerous propaganda, stealing elections, and obstruction of justice.

Electing President Joe Biden had to happen to save democracy. Even before the Trump-inspired insurrection, the planned attempt to steal the 2020 election by Trump and his Republican allies, and the stolen classified documents found at Trump’s Mara-a-Lago resort, Americans knew that American democracy was at risk. Since being elected, Biden’s focus on morality, bipartisan politics, and political transparency has not helped his poll numbers. Neither has his popularity been expanded by his commitment to following the rule of law and respecting political norms. The cult culture of Donald Trump and the corrupted Republican party has lowered the bar on protecting democracy and decency in politics, and President Biden’s historical legislative accomplishments ( which far surpass Trump’s failed legacy) have been over-shadowed by his attempts to save our democracy from a “mad king” former president. However, Biden isn’t a narcissist; he is a patriotic, decent, competent person who most Americans chose to kick Trump out of power. With the odds stacked against his presidency because of the “big lie” and a corrupted GOP led by the enemy of fair and decent politics, Senator Mitch McConnell, Biden has passed legislation that will improve and save lives and the planet. Biden isn’t bought by dark money or a base of voters or power. He lives America, lives democracy, and is resolved to do his job despite the indecent presence of Trump in our politics.

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