Donald Trump Sounded Unhinged, Delusional And Ignorant On Fox News This Week. He Claimed He Could “Think” Documents Into Classified Status. He Also Suggested The FBI Was Looking For Hillary Clinton’s Emails At Mara-a-Lago, And That The FBI Raided His Home To Plant Evidence Against Him. The Millions Of People Who See Trump As Mentally Competent Have Issues That Make Their Votes A Threat To Our National Security And The Stability Of Democracy. A Presidents Knowledge, Experience, Morals And Mental Health Matter More Than Ever!

Trump has to be removed from politics. Any method that can make that happen would satisfy the millions of Americans that make up the majority of this country. His opportunistic enablers should be removed from office, jailed, disbarred, or sued for tolerating the attempted coup and stealing and hiding classified documents. The infamous Senator Mitch McConnell is the most anti-democracy politician in the history of America. Trump-appointed Justices Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney-Barrett, and Neil Gorsuch lied under oath during their confirmation hearings. These justices are alt-right liars who profess to love the country while breaking decency and Constitutional norms.
Former Chief of Staff for Donald Trump General George Kelly
It has been reported when General John Kelly was Chief of Staff; he bought a book on mental disorders to learn how to better deal with Trump’s narcissism and other mental issues. And my inner circle of high-level White House staffers was constantly on guard to offset Trump’s delusional thinking and incompetent, impulsive behaviors. The career conservatives Trump initially hired were competent, patriotic servants of democracy. However, once Trump learned these initial appointees would not blindly follow his instincts to break the law or spreads conspiracy theories, he began firing them. Those he didn’t fire resigned as they did not want to participate in the systematic pursuit of autocracy and corruption being led by Trump and an ever-growing group of followers and allies who espouse racism, religious extremism, Q’Anon doctrine, and the support of a one-party system in America.
Since 2017, thousands of mental health professionals have been warning the public of the threat Trump’s disturbances of character would have on the stability of democracy and America’s national security. Trump has continued to break laws and lower the morality and competence that defined America prior to his presidency. There are so many examples of Trump making crazy comments it is surprising any sane Republican still supports him. He scares normal people with his delusional thinking and conspiracy theories and delights those who will drink any kool-aid a cult leader serves up. Some of the crazy statements he has made in the past are:
    • He suggested the US trade Puerto Rico for Greenland
    • Claimed you get cancer from sound and wind mills
    • He suggested drinking bleach to cure Covid
    • He said our generals are weak and should be more like the Nazis
    • He claimed Melania Trump and Kim Jong Un were personal friends
    • He claimed to have been awarded the Michigan Man of the Year award when no such award exists.
    • He declared he knew more about war than the generals
    • He called soldiers who get themselves killed in wars losers
    • He said “‘Make America great again,’ the phrase, was mine, I came up with it about a year ago, maybe I have copyrighted it.” ( That was Ronald Reagans campaign slogan).
In an interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity, Trump delivered a manic diatribe about the Mara-A-Lago scandal. He told Hannity a president could declassify documents just by “thinking” of doing and that no process existed that a president had to adhere to; delusional or a lie? Additionally, he started rambling about how the FBI searched for Hillary Clinton’s emails at Mara-a-Lago. It was an eerie, disturbing experience to listen to Trump making statements that sounded desperate, dishonest, or worse, delusional.

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