Trump Has Begun The Process Of Setting Up Insurrection Part 2. In A Public Statement, He Dog-Whistled Violence In America If He Gets Indicted. Insurrection #1 Was About Inciting Violence If He Lost The Election. He Knew He Was Going To Lose So He Declared Rampant Fraud To Save Face With His Base. He Knows He Will Be Indicted, So He Is Crying “Witchhunt” And Predicting A Violent Insurrection #2 Hoping To Intimidate The DOJ From Arresting Him. His Scchemes Are Getting More Obvious, Predictable And Ultimately Inflicting A Mortal Political And Legal Wounds To Himself.

Trump threatens ‘big problems’ for US if he’s indicted in stolen documents scandal ( Independent, Sept.15, 2022).

His angry rally performances model the kind of violence he wants his supporters to use to protect him from being indicted. He is a cliched rerun of himself now, constantly crying “witch-hunt”, “I won”, “the election was rigged” and “fake news”. He is spreading the same kind of rhetoric he used to incite the Jan. 6th insurrection for which he is being investigated. His hateful and power-hungry persona is spoon-feeding the DOJ evidence for multiple crimes. Cult leaders and autocrats always go too far, and bring about their own demise.

Attorney General Merrick Garland keeps repeating ” no one is above the law” and suggests charges could be brought against a former president. Look at all the possibilities Garland has to choose from:
  • Election interference in Georgia
  • Inciting an insurrection
  • Tax and business fraud cases in New York
  • Fake elector fraud in several states
  • Stolen classified documents withheld from the government and relocated to Mara-A-Lago

By labeling the investigations witch hunts, and declaring himself a victim, he incites his base to become violent to protect him. He recently warned that, if he is indicted, ” we will have problems like we have never seen”. Imagine what the reaction would be if any other president or former president of encouraged violence against the government because it took an action that president didn’t like. Part of the damage to the country that has occurred because of Trump’s constant breaking laws and norms is the fault of former Attorney General William Barr enabling and and the opportunistic, silent non-MAGA Republicans.

The fake patriots, the Donald Trump rioters, turned violent against Capitol law enforcement, members of Congress, and democracy on Jan. 6th, 2020. They did so because Trump told them to fight to save the country by reversing the results of his re-election loss. This aggressive, scare-tactic, faux patriotic message incited the violence that resulted in 5 deaths and the wounding of over 140 police offers. Since the insurrection, Trump and his followers have mocked the wounded DC and Capitol police officers who fought and succeeded in protecting the peaceful transfer of power. The Trump Republican party is no longer the party of law enforcement. Unless it involves excessive use of force by black men or defending Trump when he breaks laws, the GOP isn’t interested in law enforcement, especially defending democracy over his violent autocratic agenda.

Trump isn’t intelligent. This is becoming more apparent as the desperate ousted president is echoing a Jan. 6th th-style dog-whistle to his supporters to become violent if he is indicted. The rhetoric aligns with the violent urgings he expressed during his “stop the steal” rally on Jan. 6th. Trump knows he is seen as a god-like cult leader by his followers, so he uses brainwashing tactics to get them to carry out his violent, vengeful impulses. The same strategy was used by killer Charles Manson, who did not personally stab Sharon Tate, her friends and the La Bianca’s but directed his cult followers to carry out the murders. He was found guilty and spent the rest of his life in prison.

Inciting and directing violence that leads to murder is a serious, punishable crime.

Trump supporters are Constitutionally welcome to demonstrate if Trump is indicted peacefully. However, if they plan to become violent, they should ask themselves if getting arrested and serving prison time along with the Jan. 6th insurrectionists is an outcome they can handle.

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