The Explosive Book By Geoffrey Berman, Former US Attorney From The Southern District of New York, Reveals An Unprecedented Level Of Corruption Of The Department of Justice Under The Leadership of William Barr. The Weaponization Of The DOJ By Trump Involved Barr Going After Opponents Of Trump And Protecting His Criminal Allies. Berman’s Book Reveals High-Level Corruption That Led To The Attempted Coup Against Our Democracy.

Former US Attorney from the SDNY Geoffrey Berman, a life long, staunch Republican, stood up to the corrupt practices of Attorney General Barr and got fired in the process. In his book Berman asserts, “Throughout my tenure as U.S. attorney, Trump’s Justice Department kept demanding that I use my office to aid them politically, and I kept declining — in ways just tactful enough to keep me from being fired.”( Sept. 8, 2022). The Washington Post ( Sept. 8, 2022) reported these examples in Berman’s book of corrupt requests made by Trump to politically weaponized the DOJ:
  • A Trump political appointee asked him to charge a prominent Democratic lawyer, Gregory Craig, and to do so before the midterms.
  • Trump publicly announced he wanted Former Secretary of Defense State John Kerry charged with violating the Logan Act, and Berman said his office was immediately charged with investigating the matter.
  • A Justice Department official pressured Berman’s deputy, Robert S. Khuzami, to remove all references to Trump in a charging document detailing Michael Cohen’s crimes. (Trump was listed in the document as “Individual-1,” but his identity was obvious, and the document implicated him in the scheme.)
  • Barr stifled campaign finance investigations emanating from the Cohen case and even floated seeking a reversal of Cohen’s conviction — just like Barr would later do with another Trump ally, Michael Flynn. (Barr also intervened in the case of another Trump ally, Roger Stone, to seek a lighter sentence than career prosecutors wanted.)
Because of his extremist belief in the ultimate power of a president, Barr did whatever Trump asked him to do and enabled him to violate laws and norms. The Berman book may reveal evidence to suggest Barr broke the law. Barr politicized the DOJ in a way that history will judge as criminal and autocratic. His reputation repair campaign began with refusing to participate in the illegal ” big lie” movement, the publication of his book, “One Damn Thing After Another,” and his testimony to the Jan. 6th Committee calling the Trump conspiracy theories about election fraud ” bullshit.” Berman’s book exposes Barr’s enabling Trump to control the DOJ for personal vengeance and political gain.

Trump needed William Barr’s willingness to break legal norms to stay out of legal trouble. Trump is an angry, sour, resentful, insecure, jealous, vengeful person and corrupt as hell. Only his uneducated, cult followers believe the investigations are ” witch hunts”. He has committed so many crimes the courts and DOJ are bleeding money and time to attend to the investigations and proceedings against him. Bermsn’s book reveals that in order to stay out of jail and protect his criminal friends, Trump had to hire an extremist alt-right, corruptable attorney general. Barr fit the bill, seeking vengence against anyone Trump told him to go after and to protect his cronies from prosecution.
Capitol and DC law enforcement officers were beaten and brutalized on Jan. 6th at Trump’s planned insurrection. The Republican party has mocked, demonized, and ignored the Capitol and DC police who saved democracy on that shameful day in our history. Law enforcement must reject Republican candidates. The military must reject Republican candidates. Both MAGA GOP and silent GOP members of Congress are a threat to democracy. Bryan Sicknick and his fellow officers are heroes. Trump is a draft-dodging coward who plans to reward the insurrectionist enemies of America with pardons for trying to overthrow the government and install an un-elected person into power. Although his supporters get their feelings hurt being called fascists and traitors, they should read some history and realize their support of Trump and MAGA ideology justifies the labels.

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