Donald Trump Is A Thief. He Stole Top Secret Documents From The White House. He Tried Multiple Ways To Steal The 2020 Election. He Stole Money From The US Government By Not Paying Taxes. He Is Currently Stealing Millions Of Dollars From His Donors For Personal Gain. He Must Be Indicted For His Undeniable Crimes Against The United States, Or America Cannot Call Itself A Democracy. No One Is Above The Law.

His father left him hundreds of millions of dollars in inheritance. However, the rich man got poor, filing bankruptcy four times. The reality show The Apprentice brought him back to wealth and respectability. However, maintaining his wealth also involved not paying contractors, attorneys, cheating on taxes, scamming Trump University students, scamming donors through The Trump Charity, and the ultimate abuse of power by profitting off the office of the presidency.

Trump’s illegal heist of top secret documents from the White House after losing re-election is the theft that may be the one that finally forces the legal system to hold him accountable for being a serial law breaker. Trump has referred to the top secret documents as “mine” which makes him sound delusional or dumber than dumb. He turned over 15 boxes of stolen government records in January from his residence at Mara-a-Lago. He and his attorneys lied that there were no other documents in his possession. The FBI search in August occurred because informants alerted the FBI that Trump was withholding more classified documents from law enforcement and that the country’s national security could be at risk. The “big lie” that Trump and his surrogates spread after the FBI search was that he had fully co-operated with the DOJ about returning classified, government-owned documents to the FBI. We now know he had 11 more boxes stored in unsecured environments at Mara-a-Lago which contained highly classified, top secret information.

This shocking photo shows contents from the boxes from the top secret documents Trump stole from the White House and was withholding from law enforcement. The loser of the 2020 presidential election was calling for the FBI to ” lock her up” when it was discovered that Hillary Clinton used a private server to conduct government business and deleted emails that turned out to be personal, not classified top secret government information. Trump’s psychological disturbances are in full view as his grandiose, malignant narcissism is causing him to believe he is above the law. Despite now being a regular citizen, he still acts as if he has absolute power and is sounding like an aging, senile ex-leader. It’s disturbing to think a former president wouldn’t know that top secret documents and presidential records are not owned by him. However, it is more frightening to think he knew the documents were owned by the country, but had a plan to use those records for personal gain.

Trump: Consistently dishonest, money-obsessed, law- breaking, corrupt, and steals anything he can from anyone dumb enough to trust him.
Just like he stole money from his own charity organization, he stole money from his campaign funds. Trump and his children are gross money whores, foregoing character, loyalty, and integrity in their pursuit of money. Melania Trump is just as vapid and greedy as the Trump family. Unlike other former First Ladies who pursued philanthropic causes after leaving the White House, Melania is hocking presidential memorabilia.
Trump’s epic greed is making law enforcement concerned about what he planned to do with all of the valuable secrets he stole from our government. Why did Trump take all of those classified, top secret documents? That is the unanswered question constitutional attorneys keep asking. Why isn’t he being asked to explain why he took them? Why did he take so many? Why did he lie about having them? Why is he claiming them as his property? He is a proven con artist and liar and used the office of the presidency to make money on the scheme after scheme.
In 2020, he asked the Georgia Secretary of State to find 11,780 votes that he didn’t get to overturn the election in Georgia. The “Stop the Steal” scam by Trump, who accused Democrats of stealing the election from him, was nothing more than a strategy to distract attention from his attempts to do the stealing. Thieves and liars should never be allowed to be president.

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