The Longer Republicans Defend Donald Trump’s Serious Crimes Against America, The Quicker The Party Known As The Grand Old Party Dies. He Kills Good Ideas, The Careers, And Character Of Others And Is Gunning To Kill Democracy. Senator Lindsey Graham’s Threat That There Will Be Civil War If Trump Is Indicted Should Get That Traitor To His Oath Of Office Impeached.

The Republicans constantly proclaims their party is the party of Lincoln. It appears these GOP members of Congress know little about the historical facts about Lincoln’s Republican party. In an article in the Literary Hub (Sept. 2020), Peter Balakian wrote “Lincoln’s party was not one of small, non-intrusive government, minimal taxation, traditional social mores, and white supremacy. It was the party of strong federal intervention and moral directive against the institution of slavery and Southern secession, the party of federally funded higher education, federally funded national transportation, and social welfare. The radical Republicans of Lincoln’s Party with their reform zeal and moral interventionist vision would be to the left of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.”

George W. Bush, the Tea Party, Donald Trump and traitors to the Constitution like the dispicable, compromised Senator Lindsey Graham have transformed the GOP into a power- hungry, racist, autocratic party that is trying to destroy the democracy Lincoln and the founding fathers created. They should all be indicted for crimes against our democracy. The Judiciary Branch of the government needs to do it’s job, stop pussy-footing around and treating these traitors with un-deserving respect. Senator Graham, the entire country knows what Trump is blackmailing you about, especially in South Carolina so start saying how you really feel about him.
Donald Trump is a talented blackmailer, loyal to no one, and a killer of careers and reputations. Lindsey Graham is the # 1 flip-flopper who has gone from predicting Trump would destroy the Republican party to defending his attacks on the rule of law. He is clearly compromised, owned by Trump, and like countless other politicians and attorneys, has lost his moral compass. Due to his involvement in the attempts by Trump to steal the Georgia election in 2020, Graham is at risk to lose his career or his freedom.

The current GOP policies show no interest in helping the average American. They call themselves the party of the little guy, the forgotten ones, however that’s a ” big lie”. Their cry for small government can be translated to mean the party doesn’t believe in a federal government that will spend money to improve peoples lives . They want a federal government to protect gun rights, religious rights and freedom of speech and that’s it. Their support of Trump, the autocrat, is proof they don’t support a two-party democratic system.

It is delusional and laughable for Donald Trump to compare himself to Abraham Lincoln. He lacks the character, humility, compassion, competence and patriotism that made Lincoln a great president:

Then there’s Trump: delusional, narcissistic, grandiose. For Lincoln it was about decency and patriotism, for Trump it’s about Trump.
How is it that millions of people would see any comparison to Donald Trump and Abraham Lincoln?

In his own words, he disrespects the rule of law to make money. Let’s Donald Trump is the last corrupt, mentally disordered, incompetent America to suffer through again. Lincoln opposed the continuation of slavery; Trump opposed fighting for racial justice and voting rights that create easy access for minority communities. Lincoln believed ” all men are created equal,” and Trump believes LGBTQ Americans and women should have limited freedoms. In his own words, he proves he is a narcissist who is cruel, incompetent, corrupt, unintelligent, and an autocrat committed to deconstructing Lincoln’s America.

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