The New York Times Reported The Search For Stolen Records Trump Illegally Hid At Mara-a-Lago Contained Over 300 Classified Documents In 11 Boxes He Lied To Justice Department About Having. Republicans Are All In With Trump And Steve Bannon’s Plan To “Burn Down” The American Democracy. To Stop The Attack On Democracy, Democrats Will Have To Break Norms To Save America.

America And The World Is Watching The Lying, Criminal, Con Man Ex- President Committing Crimes And Making No Attempt To Hide It. This Out-of- Control Corruption Is How Dictators And Corrupt Politicians End In Public Disgrace, Indictments Or Worse. America And The World Is Watching The Lying, Criminal, Con Man Ex- President Committing Crimes And Making No Attempt To Hide It. This Out-of- Control Corruption Is How Dictators And Corrupt Politicians End In Public Disgrace, Indictments Or Worse.The major flaw in our democracy is that presidents have too much power. That level of power invites corruption. The mechanisms the Founding Fathers devised to block the absolute power of a president have proven weak against a mentally unstable, sociopathic president. Additionally, another flaw in our democracy is that presidents are un- indictable while in office. This policy allows for America to potentially be  ruled by a dangerous criminal. In the Russia investigation, Robert Mueller should have recommended charges to the DOJ on the 10 counts of obstruction of justice that Trump was found to have committed.  By impeaching Trump, the democrats tried to save America from his actions of hatred for democracy. However the Republicans chose corruption and emboldened him with an acquittal two times. The GOP now accepts corruption if it leads to power. The irony about the GOP loyalty to Trump is that he LOST the presidency, the Senate and the House for the GOP. He is a loser, however, is also a shrewd bully, epic manipulator, chronic victim, gaslighting narcissist who preys on gullible, uneducated, immature, religious extremists supporters who share his abusive, arrogant, lawless, hateful persona.
Any American who believes it was Trump’s right to remove classified information from the White House and store them at the unsecured resort that he falsely calls home is as anti-American as Trump is. Republicans have written an alternative narrative for democracy that says, 1) every election they lose must be labeled, “rigged and stolen”, 2) the Constitution can be violated by Republicans only, and 3) democratic institutions are corrupt unless they favor the Republican agenda. This hypocrisy should be seen as a crime against democracy. Since the FBI discovered more stolen government documents at Mar-a- Lago, Trump has said the documents are “mine” and has labeled the Department of Justice as acting illegally and politically against him. This is a common strategy used by Trump called  “projection”. He accuses others of committing crimes that he is committing to deflect attention away from his wrongdoing.Law enforcement and legal experts are in agreement that Trump 1) participated in seditious acts on Jan. 6,th, 2) attempted to steal the election by asking  officials to change votes in his favor, 3) lied that the election was fraudulent when it wasn’t and 4) supported the installing of “fake electors” in swing states to overturn Joe Biden’s electoral win. The criminalty of Donald Trump is blatant, arrogant, dangerous and the greatest challenge to our democracy in our history.
  • Impeach Justices Kavanaugh, Coney- Barrett, And Gorsuch for lying under oath during their confirmation about  protecting Roe v Wade as decided law
  • Investigate Justice Thomas for possible collusion to protect Trump from legal consequences for crimes
  • Expand the size of the Supreme Court to reflect the will of the majority of Americans
  • Eliminate the policy of not indicting or prosecuting a sitting president
  • Eliminate the filibuster
  • Pursue legislation to end the electoral college
  • Pursue legislation to end lifetime appointments to the federal court system and the Supreme Court
Other strategies that should occur from now until the mid-terms to expose the danger the MAGA Trump party poses to democracy and individual freedoms are:
  • Theme oriented demonstrations that emphasize issues such as: 1) overturning Roe v Wade, 2) mass shootings and assault weapons, 3) political corruption of Donald Trump, 4) the ” big lie” hoax, and 5) the Republican party’s loyalty to Trump over country.
  • Reducing coverage time of Trump on mainstream media
  • Billboards displaying candidates who spread conspiracy theories
  • Tv campaign exposing the danger of election denier candidates
  • Campaigning in red states touting President Biden’s legislative success and how it will positively affect their lives
Hillary Clinton was investigated for thirty years by Republicans and a grand jury was never assembled. Cries to “Lock him up” are appropriate, necessary and appear to be inevitable after the stolen document scandal.
“Lock him up ” and ” lock them up” rallies and demonstrations should occur weekly exposing every crime Trump has committed, exposing Trump allies and attorney’s who have been indicted, jailed, or disbarred in defense of his crimes. The walls are closing in on the Trump crime ring.

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