MAGA Supporters Are The Only People On Earth Not Cringing Over Trump’s Ridiculous Excuses About Why It Was His Right To Steal Classified Government Documents And Hide Them At Mara-a-Lago. He Is Offering The Dumbest Explanations. CNN Reported “18 former top officials of Trump are saying his claim that he declassified all the documents is “complete fiction”. Even Worse Than That Lie Is The Belief He Was Entitled To Those Documents If He De-classified Them. Trump’s Ignorance And Criminality Almost Tanked Our Democracy. This Is Reason Enough To Require Future Presidents To Take An IQ Test And A Psychiatric Exam. A President Should Be Smart Because The Job Is Complex.

It isn’t funny, it isn’t safe, it isn’t fair to this country to elect a president with substandard intelligence. Being criminally shrewd is not the kind of intelligence for a leader of a democracy. Being a clever liar isn’t the kind of intelligence that sustains a democracy. Trump proved he was ignorant about the Constitution, science and unfamiliar with the historical facts that define this nation; in other words, ” too dumb to be president.”


Disrespectfully walking in front of Queen Elizabeth like an arrogant cold.

At a meeting of world leaders in Brussels, Trump aggressively and arrogantly pushed Montenegro’s Prime Minister out of the way to be in front of the group to get the camera time he craves like a drug addict hungers for drugs. While president he was pervasively disliked by other world leaders and became America’s global embarrassment.
The pathologically insecure Trump takes any opportunity he can to reduce the stature of any man whose respect and stature intimidates him. At a public meeting with France’s President Emmanuel Macron, Trump brushed something off his jacket, indicating the world leader may have dandruff. Because he is fat, over-tanned, has the world’s worse comb-over, and is globally mocked, Trump spends the time he should be protecting and leading the country on putting down those who amplify his inferiority complex.
Trump desperately pursued a friendship with Vladimir Putin to the point of humiliating himself. He sided with Putin by aligning with him over America’s intelligence community, incessantly complimented him, and by doing so weakened America’s standing with it’s allies.
Trump’s bromance with North Kirea’s dictator Kim Kong in was a national embarrassment, a foreign policy failure and revealed more evidence of Trump’ a incompetent judgment as president and his malignant insecurities. He relied on pursuing friendships with dictators to elevate his fledgling masculinity.

Trump supporters should read and learn about narcissism, toxic masculinity, pathological lying, damaged egos, political corruption, and treason. The cult of personality movement will destroy, not preserve, our democracy. Trump has hidden his taxes, his college transcripts, his medical records, and conversations he had with America’s adversaries. These are facts. His rhetoric is taken from Russian propaganda. The term “fake news” originated in Russia. The saying ” the media is the enemy of the people” is Putin’s mantra. Vote against anything or anyone MAGA in the mid-terms, or American democracy is doomed.

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