Are Trump Supporters Stupid Or Brainwashed? We Know They Share Trump’s Violent Tendencies As They Openly Threaten To Kill Non-MAGA People in Government And Law Enforcement. Trump Stole Government Documents And Took Them To His Home, Was Heard In A Taped Phone Call Asking The Georgia Secretary Of State To Find Him Enough Votes To Steal The States Election, Watched His Supporters Violently Attack The Capitol, Assault Law Enforcement, Threaten To Kill VP Mike Pence, And Try To Stop The Transfer Of Power To The Newly Elected President And Did Nothing To Stop It. What Would His Rabid Base Do If Joe Biden Took Those Actions?

Donald Trump’s favorite entertainment is watching his supporters believe his lies, excuse his crimes, and send him money to pay his legal bills. He has never liked Republicans, has a history of liberal views, and would become a democrat again if it guaranteed him an election win. Military generals, members of law enforcement, former members of the Trump White House staff and legal team have gone public about Trump’s incompetence, criminality, and dishonesty while serving as president. The majority of witnesses testifying at the Jan. 6 the hearings are super- conservative Republican Trump loyalists who have decided to choose their dedication to democracy over fealty to the bully. Republicans are fighting back because they realize Trump, along with Steve Bannon, Alex Jones and traitors like General Mike Flynn and Kevin McCarthy are committed to deconstructing the US government and Constitution. Here are some questions the MAGA base should have to answer:
  • What would you want the FBI to do if President Joe Biden took classified, government-owned documents to his home?
  • What do you think Trump was trying to accomplish on that call to the Georgia Secretary of State?
  • Do you find it suspicious that many of Trump’s advisors and attorneys get arrested or disbarred?
  • If you believe Joe Biden isn’t the legitimate president, would you be willing to refuse any benefits from the legislation he has passed?
  • Do you support the idea that a candidate for president should pass a test on the Constitution?
  • If a president breaks the law while in office, do you think they should be charged? If not, why?
  • What should happen to a president who lied to the American people?
  • Do you realize many military generals and admirals eventually saw Trump as a danger to national security?
  • Why are you so attracted to Trump’s anger and racism?
  • Trump recently pleaded to the fifth amendment during a deposition. Do you take him at his last words, ” only guilty people plead the fifth”?
  • Are you in favor of marginalizing non-white and non-Christian Americans?
  • Are you in favor of the government regulating our personal choices?
  • Do you believe all individual rights should be protected?
  • If a Jew became president, would you be comfortable with Jewish teachings being required school curriculum? If not, why?
  • If a candidate misuses donations from their supporters, should that be considered fraud and punishable?
  • If Joe Biden directed his supporters to break into Mara- a-Lago violently, would you demand he be arrested? If so, why?
  • Why do you think Trump never found proof of fraud in the 2020 election?
  • Why do you believe the 2020 election was stolen when 65 federal and state judges, Attorney General William Barr, and Republican election officials say there was no fraud?
  • Are you aware that Trump Administration staffers have reported he knew very little about US laws?
  • If Trump is indicted and convicted of crimes against the United States, would you admit you had been used and conned by him?
  • Can you tell the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth?
  • Do you know Trump is a liar but doesn’t care? If yes, why?
  • Are you aware there is only one “Rino,” and it’s Donald Trump?

The American people have a chance to shut down the anti- democracy MAGA movement in the mid-term elections. Election deniers are enemies of our democratic system of government. They are corrupt, power-hungry sore losers without morals, lacking in patriotism, and liars. Trump was called “a cancer on America” by prominent Republican opponents before he became president. The cancer has spread, and the Republican party has helped it metastasize. It’s time for the cancer to cause the death of Trumpism before the American government is run by Nazi and Russian sympathizers.

This is called treason. Trumpism is anti- American and those who claim patriotism to Trump over America should lose the right to vote.

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