Today Liz Cheney Lost Her Primary To A Trump Election Denier, President Joe Biden Signed History-Making The Inflation Reduction Act, Gas Prices Fall For 63 Straight Days, And Donald Trump’s Chances Of Being Charged With Federal Crimes Increased Dramatically. Cheney May Have Lost Her Seat In The House. However, She CAN SLEEP PEACEFULLY, KNOWING SHE DID SO BY STANDING UP FOR DEMOCRACY AND CONFRONTING THE AGING, SILLY-LOOKING BULLY. The MAGA EMASCULATED GOP MEN Are Too Weak To Do So. She Can Also Revel In The Fact She Isn’t At Risk Of Lose Her Freedom Due To Committing Crimes Against The US Government.

Rep. Liz Cheney, a brave, principled patriot calmly conceded the election tonight to her election denying opponent in Wyoming. Despite her defeat, she is resolved to continue her mission to make sure Donald Trump never becomes president again. Cheney explained to all American citizens that loyalty to the Constitution is more important than blind allegiance to a political party. She re-committed to her goal to end Trump ‘s political relevance and to hold him accountable for his crimes. She quoted Abraham Lincoln, recounting phrases from the Gettysburg Address that gave thanks to soldiers who fought and died for our democracy. These quotations were in sharp contrast to Donald Trump’s traitorous comments about war hero Senator John McCain, disrespect for gold star family members and ridicule of dead soldiers at a cemetery in France. Liz Cheney is a role model of dignity and courage for all women who have been disparaged, abused, manipulated and used by the dispicable Donald Trump. She makes her male GOP peers look like enasculated traitors to the Constitution. Members of all political parties should join Cheney’s super-pac, the Lincoln-inspired ” The Great Task” and be part of saving America from Trump and the part of the Republican party that is as dangerous and heinous as he is.
In contrast to President Joe Biden, ex-president Donald Trump looks like a clownish, crude, incompetent, con man who without the support of the corrupt Republican party, white supremacists, evangelicals and uneducated rural Americans would be hocking merch on eBay. President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act this week and millions of Trump supporters should be excluded from the benefits this bill will bring to the American people. To show their blind loyalty to Trump, his supporters should refuse to pay the lower price Biden’s bill offers on insulin. They should refuse to apply for the new, good paying climate jobs that will result from Biden’s legislation. They should refuse the reductions in their health care costs through Biden’s bill, and instead call their local MAGA representative to see what health care programs the Republicans propose for them. It is time for the Republican base that refers to President Biden as the illegitimate President who stole the election, to stop reaping any benefit from his moral leadership and competent legislative policies. The hypocrisy of the base is demeaning.
Cheney was criticized by conservatives for making a comparison between herself and her resistance to Trump and Trumpism to what Lincoln said at the Gettysburg Address. She reminded the audience that Lincoln was defeated in elections in both the House and Senate before he was elected to the presidency. Lincoln ultimately prevailed,” Cheney said. “He saved our union and he defined our obligation as Americans for all of history. Speaking at Gettysburg of the great task remaining before us, Lincoln said, ‘That we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain. That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and a government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from this Earth.’ This quote resonates with Cheney’s understanding of the Constitution and her commitment to protecting democracy from the current domestic terrorism that is the Trump GOP.
Republican witnesses testifying at the Jan. 6th hearings proved Trump knows he lost the election. His broken ego is now pursuing a revenge campaign that gets election-denying conspiracy theorists nominated for positions of power to overturn future elections that MAGA candidates lose. He hates what America stands for and is using it as a vehicle to become a dictator. ALL ELECTION DENIERS MUST BE DEFEATED TO SAVE DEMOCRACY AND NEUTER TRUMP’S POLITICAL CAREER.

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