Donald Trump Stole Classified Records From The White House After He Lost Re-Election, Hid Them At Mara-A-Lago, And Refused To Turn Them Over To The Government After Months Of Requests To Do So. Why Did He Do It And What Is He Hiding? Corrupt Republican Allies Don’t Care. Additionally, He Is Inciting A Repeat Of The January 6th Violence Against The US Government And Doing Nothing To Stop It, AGAIN! He A Whiner, A Liar And Plays The Victim To Cover-Up His Crimes And Millions Of Americans Himiliate Themselves By Believing Him. The 11 Boxes Recovered In The Search At His Home May Have Nuclear Information In Them, Reports The Washington Post. Republican Conservatism Now Equals Treason.

The US government had no choice but to search Mara-a-Lago. In the past, the resort has proven to be an unsafe location for sensitive government information to be located. Members of foreign governments unfriendly to the US visit Mara-A-Lago and Trump is on record loosely talking about government business. It is reported an informant alerted the FBI that there were still boxes of classified material at the Trump resort. Trump had been given more time than appropriate to turn them over to the government. Attorney General Garland’s move to search Mara-a-Lago to recover what might be sensitive, top secret, possibly nuclear information, was approved by a judge and a step to protect our national security. Not to have taken this action would be a statement that a president or former president is above the law. Throughout his presidency and throughout his business career, Trump has consistently broken laws. Like a true malignant narcissist, he believes rules and laws do not apply to him. However, the lawless, corrupt pattern of narcissists lead them to disastrous endings. WHAT WOULD REPUBLICANS WANT THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT TO DO IF BOXES OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION WERE FOUND HIDDEN AT THE HOMES OF BARACK OBAMA OR HILLARY CLINTON? THE REPUBLICAN BASE AND GOP MEMBERS OF CONGRESS MAY HAVE CORRUPTLY DECIDED TRUMP CAN DO NO WRONG, HOWEVER, THE US JUSTICE SYSTEM IS PROVING THAT IT DISAGREES.
Ricky Shiffer, posted to former president Donald Trump’s social network, Truth Social: “If you don’t hear from me, it is true I tried attacking the F.B.I.” ( Washington Post,). Shifter was a prolific contributor of violent content against the government on Trump’s social media platform. Trump’s violent nature has been embraced by white supremacists and conspiracy theorists like Shiffer who hate democracy and support autocracy. He spreads violent rhetoric at his rallies and in his revenge campaigns against opponents. During the Jan. 6th attack at the Capitol, he minimized the violence, referring to it as merely passionate support of him. As president, he often encouraged violent, aggressive behavior on the part of the military and law enforcement against American citizens who were not proven to have committed any crimes. He is attracted to violence and encourages it in his supporters to strengthen his hold on power. The world views the Republican party and the extremist Republican base as a threat to the survival of the American democracy. The US government has named these extremist views as domestic terrorism and will not hesitate to take legal action when our democratic way of life is threatened by violence inspired by Trump, his followers, or any elected official.
This receipt proves Trump was illegally storing classified government records at his residence in Florida despite months of declaring to the FBI he had returned everything. If the US government did not practice extreme deference to former presidents he would have been arrested on the day of the search. Trump meets all the criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Anti- Social Personality Disorder. These are serious disorders and combined with power and authority predict lethal outcomes. The blind support given to him by his cultish, gullible base of Republican voters and power-hungry, corrupt GOP allies is pathological, dangerous and may prove to be treasonist .
President Biden: Calm, stable, humble, compassionate, competent, honest, moral, intelligent, law-abiding and passing historic amounts of legislation.

Ex-President Trump: hysterical, vengeful, narcissistic, law-breaking, dishonest, erratic, violent, unqualified, conspiracy theorist and weak legislator except for the rich

Trump will soon show his madness once again when, despite his epic fall from relevance amid legal scandals, he declares he is running for president. Democrats are ecstatic as this desperate, ego-maniacal move may hand them mid-term wins in both houses of government.

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