The Donald Trump Comedy/Mystery Hour Keeps Rolling Out New Episodes. 1) Trump’s Cries Of “Lock Her Up” Against Hillary Clinton For Deleting Private Server Emails Now Sound Ridiculous As Newly Released Photo’s Revealed Trump Presidential Records Torn Up And Thrown Into Toilets At Mulitiple Locations. 2) However, This Humiliating, Criminal Act Was Upstaged By An FBI Search At Mara-a-Lago. The DOJ Is Seeking To Recover Classified Documents Trump Illegally Removed From The White House. The Republicans Are Crying “Witch hunt” Before Knowing The Details Of The Potential Crimes Trump Has Committed Against The Government. 3) Today Trump Pleaded The Fifth During A Deposition That His Company Committed Insurance And Tax Fraud.

Here is a “big lie”: Trump has never broken a law and the multitude of investigations and potential criminal charges against him are all witch hunts. Trump has transformed the Republican party into a conspiracy theory, spin- machine that stands for nothing except defending him, gaining power and making money for themselves and rich Americans. The loser ex-president once famously stated, ” the mob pleads the fifth, only guilty people plead the fifth.” Trump, like all narcissists and sociopaths, eventually lie their way into humiliating downfalls. If the Republican base hadn’t devolved into a cult, excusing his lies, hypocrisy lawlessness, election interference, violent, hateful personality, etc, Trump would be hocking steaks and ties on eBay. The Republican Congress is so corrupt and emasculated they blatantly disregard Trump’s lawlessness in fear of his vengeance. Getting rid of Trump would be easy if the GOP wasn’t filled with opportunistic, religious extremist racists who are aligned with his character defects.

There is the evidence. Notes in Trump’s handwriting were found in a toilet which is a violation of the Presidential Protection Act. White House staffers have reported Trump would often tear up notes and other official government paperwork and throw them in various toilets and other places. It was also said on occasion he ate paper notes to get rid of them. During the 2015 campaign, he lectured audiences on how Hillary Clinton deleting her private emails put our national security at risk. Yet, he is the only president who destroyed official records during his presidency and removed boxes of classified documents from the White House to his residence. Only gullible reality show fans or MAGA cultists could view Trump as anything other than a con man fooling millions of vulnerable people and stealing their money. The search at Mara-a-Lago indicates Attorney General Merrick Garland and the DOJ felt an urgency to confiscate evidence at Trump’s home, probably because he lies so much he cannot be trusted.
Democrats won’t hold “Lock Him Up” rallies because they spend their time working for the American people, not seeking revenge on opponents. There are so many investigations underway against Trump because he breaks the law and denigrates the moral values that define America . He is the ultimate hypocrite to a level never before demonstrated by a US president. He loved James Comey and the FBI when they announced they were investigating Hillary Clinton about her deleted emails. However, now he is calling the FBI the “deep state” because they conducted a search of Mara-a- Lago to recover files that belong to the US government. It has been reported to the Wall Street Journal by an unnamed informant that Trump has not returned all of the records the government has requested. The withholding of these records after months of requests by the Archives and other government officials appears to have caused a national security concern by the DOJ. Without knowing what crimes or violations Trump may be guilty of, Republican members of Congress are calling the search a “raid” and a witch hunt and threatening political revenge. How many GOP members of Congress are traitors-in-hiding to the Constitution? The Republican base is threatening violence towards the judge who signed the request for the Mara-a- Lago search and towards members of the FBI. Just like on insurrection day, Trump is not denouncing the violent threats being made towards law enforcement by the violent, extremist, conspiracy theory members of his base. How many of these brainwashed cultists will end up in jail in support of Trump who couldn’t care less about them?
It is so wrong for Trump and his base to see Mara-a-Lago as a US monument of honor that is above the law. It isn’t; it may very well be a crime scene amidst a group of hedonistic sycophants. Every investigation against Trump has been triggered by his behaviors, lies, and dangerous rhetoric. There are no witch hunters, no Rhinos, no deep state, no democratic cabal of pedophiles, and no fraudulent voting machines. There is a scam conducted on America by Donald Trump, a corrupted Republican Congress, a group of criminal attorneys, a wacko base, and a Russian- inspired conservative media. However, it looks like Trump’s reign of lawlessness won’t survive what the American justice system has in store for him.

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