John Fetterman, Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor And Democratic Candidate For The Senate Demonstrated Strength And Confidence During A Zoom Appearance This Week Hosted By Filmmaker And Democratic Political Advocate Billy Ray. Fetterman Said Of His Opponent Dr. Oz, “He Doesn’t Live In Pennsylvania, He Doesn’t Know  Pennsylvania, And He Doesn’t Care About Pennsylvania.” Fetterman Declared He And Oz Are On Opposite Sides Of Issues That Matter To Pennsylvanians Like A Women’s Right To Reproductive Freedom, A Higher Minimum Wage, And Environmental Justice.  Currently, Fetterman Has An 11 Point Lead In The Polls Over Dr. Oz.

Lt. Governor Fetterman and his wife Gisele Barreto are reaching out across all 67 counties in Pennsylvania and have met with as many republican voters as democrats. In the interview with Billy Ray, Fetterman said he has not encountered any negative reactions in red counties and is finding more support than he expected. His trolling of Dr.Oz on social media about being an outsider to Pennsylvania seems to be working. He has gotten celebrity New Jersey residents like Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of Jersey Shore fame and E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt to beckon Oz to return to ” his home”, the state of New Jersey. Fetterman’s style of campaigning breaks with the traditional, “wonky” style of democrats, however it is working in the Pennsylvania race for the Senate. Dr. Oz’s alignment with Trump may have gotten him the Republican nomination for Senate, but it appears not to be a winning strategy in the purple state.
Trump became enamored with Dr. Oz when the celebrity doctor touted hydroxychloroquine, the drug Trump falsely claimed was an effective treatment for COVID. Dr. Oz has impressive Ivy League credentials, yet his tv show did not reflect that fact. “A 2014 study of 40 randomly selected episodes from 2013 found that just 46 percent of his recommendations were backed by evidence, and 1 in 7 were actually contradicted by scientific data” (Think, NBC May 19, 2022). Oz is the medical version of Trump’s snake oil salesman who will hock anything to anyone gullible enough to believe what he says.

In addition to being a money-hungry, ego maniacal attention seeker, Dr. Oz supported the overturning of Roe v Wade and refers to himself as “100% pro-life”. He is also a climate change denier and wrongly refers to carbon dioxide emissions as ” not a problem.” Worst of all, he is “all in” on Trump’s “big lie,” the anti-democracy, political idea the republicans are exclusively running on before the mid-term elections. Dr. Oz is a conspiracy theorist who, like all MAGA loyalists dismisses facts.

Fetterman  says his “top three priorities in Washington if he is elected will be to raise the minimum wage, codify Roe V. Wade and protect voting rights. It is apparent his goals align with human rights, personal freedoms and the values that have always defined who America is as a country. In his interview with Ray, Fetterman said by spending as much time in red counties as in blue, he has realized how across party lines his support is becoming. His wife Gisele said many Republicans have approached them declaring support of his candidacy over Dr. Oz. Some proudly wore buttons proving their commitment to vote for him in November. In the recent primary, Fetterman won over all of his opponents in all of the 67 counties.

The democrats need the Pennsylvania senate seat to maintain their majority status. Fetterman is leading in the polls but vows to keep up the intensity of his campaign to show Pennsylvanians he has the qualifications to be their senator and to emphasize why Dr. Oz is a wrong choice for the state. Like Trump, Dr. Oz is an opportunist who uses his celebrity status to pursue a political career for which he is not qualified. Additionally, despite his educational pedigree and medical achievements as a heart surgeon, many of his ideas about health and medicine have garnered criticism or have been discredited.

Like Donald Trump, you can’t trust anything Dr. Oz says. Sensationalism and lying is the strategy they use to capture the attention and adoration of potential supporters. These faux politicians are master manipulators who spread disinformation in their pursuit of power and money. Pennsylvanians are on to Oz and realize John Fetterman’s down-to-earth, honest approach to politics is what Pennsylvania needs and deserves.

In May 2022, the Guardian reported Columbia University had quietly purged Oz’s presence from their website in reaction to him seeking to represent Pennsylvania in the US Senate.

“For more than seven years, the private New York university has resisted calls to cut ties with Oz, who used his TV platform to push medicines ranging from ineffective diet pills to discredited Covid treatments.” Like the shyster Trump, Oz is a double-talking, grandiose character who appeals to gullible, uneducated Americans who are vulnerable to cult-like figures who lie and make extravagant promises they never plan to keep. For Oz, like Trump, politics is all about ego and power. John Fetterman is about helping people and understands how to do that for Pennsylvanians.

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