President Biden Has Tested Negative For COVID! He Pointed Out How Well He Did With The Virus In Comparison To Donald Trump Who Had To Be Airlifted To A Hospital With Severe Symptoms In 2020. However, Trump Should Be More Concerned About His Fading Relevance And The Announcement That The DOJ Is Investigating Actions He Took Related To The Jan. 6 the Capitol Attack. Biden’s Bout With COVID Revealed The Competent Job He Has Done To Manage The Pandemic. The Availability Of Free Testing, Effective Anti- viral Medications, And Widespread Access To Free Vaccinations Show His Competence And Remind Us Of Trump’s Disasterous, And For Many, Fatal Handling Of COVID-19.

President Biden recovered quickly from COVID and is working hard to remind the country that the pandemic is not over. He continues to fund programs that create easy, free access to vaccines, therapeutics, testing, masks, updated scientific information and the spread of variants. Donald Trump’s COVID messaging minimized the danger of the virus failed at producing public health protections and hired quacks who spread conspiracy theories that influenced and endangered millions of Americans. Biden is honest about the realities of COVID despite the widespread ” COVID Fatigue” felt by millions of Americans. He is a mature, competent leader who is not on the job for power, ego gratification, or popularity but instead follows his oath to protect the lives of every American. President Biden is honoring his commitment, passing legislation that strengthens the middle class, saving lives by competently managing the pandemic, and trying to work across the political aisle.
They are both old. However, Biden looks excellent, and Trump is falling apart physically. Biden exercises, obviously has healthy eating habits and follows the advice of doctors, not the Pillow Guy.
The smear tactics by Trump, McConnell and MAGA political officials are vicious strategies to distract from Biden’s history-making legislative wins. Trump made history in expanding the wealth of the rich, period.
In an interview with Lester Holt On NBC this week, Attorney General Merrick Garland reiterated that “The Justice Department plans to prosecute anyone who was “criminally responsible for interfering with the peaceful transfer of power.” Garland went on to say his investigation is the most wide-ranging investigation in US history and that anyone who acted criminally to interfere with our democratic process will be held accountable. Trump should be concerned about indictment because a grand jury is asking questions about conversations he had with his attorneys and inner circle staff during, before, and since the Capitol attack. Additionally, more and more former government loyalists of Trump are cooperating with the Jan. 6th Committee and the DOB investigations. The abundance of information emerging reinforces the reality that Trump was culpable in inciting violence during the insurrection and for strategizing to steal the election in multiple ways.

Joe Biden is under the similar political and personal attacks that Barack Obama suffered during his presidency. Obama’s attacks were racially motivated, with Donald Trump, the hedonistic, draft-dodging, trust-fund baby leading the effort. Planning a coup against the US government, chronic lying, attacking minorities, cheating in business, tax evading, aligning with white supremacist groups, and mishandling donations by his supporters are just a few of the behaviors that justify the massive anti-Trump resistance movement. President Biden has actually passed bi-partisan legislation like the American Resue Plan Act, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and the soon to be passed Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 that addresses climate change. These bills help middle and lower income families. Financial experts and political pundits agree the difficulties the Biden Administration is having are mainly related to the COVID pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the poisonous influence of Trump and the MAGA agenda, and the continued presence of the anti-American obstructionist Senator Mitch McConnell. He is a dorky, sneaky, hyper-partisan enemy of the values and morality imbedded in the US Constitution.

The poster child for needing political term limits. Reducing the time corrupt politicians remain in office preserves democracy.

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